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By | 27.09.2020

Mykonos is known to be one of the glamorous island of Greece. With every passing day there is considerable increase in the number of visitors to this island. It is known as whitewashed paradise which is located right at the heart of the Cyclades.

beautiful-sunrise-at-little-venice-on-mykonos-island-cyclades-greeceIf we look back to read the mythological stories about Mykonos, then we will get to learn that this Island got its shape from the petrified bodies of the giants who were killed by great Hercules. This island got its name after Mykonos who was Apollo’s grandson.

mykonos-boats-600x441-1089987 The capital city of this Island Hora is a bit different than the rest Cycladic capitals and spread over a wide region. Mykonos is famous for its amazing cosmopolitan atmosphere, fabulous nightlife, and picturesque architecture and last but not the least is its magnificent beaches which make these destinations worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

What to see in Mykonos

Besides beaches there are some important places of visit in this island and major among them are:


mykonos-chora-architecture-600x400-4999437One of the most stunning places to visit here in Mykonos is Chora neighborhood. Many historic homes of this location are now serving as leading restaurants. It is also called as Little Venice.

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The windmills


There are 16 iconic windmills located just opposite to Little Venice. None of them are operational, but still stands as a proof of early innovations. It offers spectacular views.

Paraportiani Church

paraportiani-church-600x450-6320741This Island is a home to 365 churches dedicated for every single day of the year. Among these churches the Panagia Paraportiani is the popular one. This white washed church stands as a proof of the Byzantine era.

Get around in Mykonos

mykonos-island-at-night-600x300-9715461Mykonos Airport is just 4 kilometers from the southeast of the city. International flight arrivals also take place in this Airport in the summer seasons. Boat and ferries are also available to reach these destinations from Athens and other nearby Islands. Taxis, buses and boats are available to help tourists explore the destination well.

When to visit

elias-beach-on-mykonos-600x449-9712015The right time for visiting Mykonos is between September and October. The spring, right before summer there is a huge rush of tourists, and is a good time to visit this island. The peak season for the tourists is from June till August. If you are a budget tourist then avoid peak seasons.

What to eat in Mykonos

best-hotels-mykonos-town-600x400-9511927Apart from authentic Greek dishes there are many other awesome cuisines which are served in the top restaurants on the Island. You can visit the below restaurants to satisfy your taste buds at Mykonos.
• Elia Restaurant / Cafe-Bar: In this restaurant you will be served some exotic Greek, Mediterranean and Seafood dishes
• Molaraki: One of the finest restaurants on this island is Molaraki. You can get a friendly atmosphere here and some awesome dishes to taste. Both take away and dining facilities are available.
• Blue Ginger: want to try some Thai and Chinese food, then Blue Ginger is the right destination for you. Must taste Peking duck and pad Thai of this restaurant.

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Where to stay in Mykonos

mykonos-blanc-home-600x375-9604875You can find both beach side and luxury hotels in different price ranges in Mykonos. Best among the lot are:
• Semeli Hotel • Belvedere Hotel • Santa Marina Resort and Villa • Hotel Phillipi • Manto Hotel • Carbonaki Hotel • San Giorgio

• Poseidon Hotel Suitesgreek-island-mykonos-greece-600x397-1239744