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By | 12.08.2020

Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, it is a small island in the Caribbean and unincorporated U.S. territory. This small island is full with high quality resorts, bars, and hotels. The basic currency is USD and local people can speak English and Spanish. usa-puerto-rico-map-600x184-4597745
puerto-rico-600x400-5001906 The beaches in Puerto Rico considered the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visitors will be entertained with live music that held at the resorts. If you are lucky, then you can attend a food festival that held time by time on the island.puerto-rico-famous-church-600x314-5268745Puerto Rico has everything you need, either you are an adventure traveler or beach lover, You just like to spend your time in bars or night clubs, this small island has everything.puerto-rico-fly-by-image-600x263-4406285However, we will describe what Puerto Rico has for you in here. The best thing is to visit the nearest travel agent to ask more detail and I believe you will spend all day long with your agent.

Old San Juan

Wherever the place you want to visit, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Like Old San Juan for example, it is a very small old town. Believe it or not, it has only 7 square blocks. However, you will have tons of activities there. san-juan-picture-puerto-rico-600x333-5855048 Old San Juan can be recognized by the old fortress building that stands still on the hill. From a distance, you can see many people climbing the hill.old-san-juan-2719699In the middle of the town there is San Juan Square, where people gather to spend their time. There are many souvenir stalls, and the Caribbean’ cockatoo attraction. Visit the café to have some hot drinks. The café is located just in front the town square. However, it will be very difficult to find an empty table.san-juan-puerto-rico-600x450-2861462Old San Juan remained beautiful as 400 years ago even though you will find many modern buildings there. There are many and many beautiful places in Old San Juan that hardly possible to describe them one by one here. Have your travel as you will not able to explore the entire old town by your own.

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Bays in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some beautiful bays like Mosquito Bay, Fajardo biobay and others that you should experience too. Have a boat trip while watching the glowing water of tropical islands.
puerto-del-ray-marina-600x383-1361438One of the most tourists visited place is Puerto del Rey Marina. It is one of the great places to start your boat ride.

When you plan to visit El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, your entertainment begins once your car starts to move. You will pass a gift shop called “Coqui International” that sells some nice souvenirs like candles and soaps. Those two things are hand-make.olympus-digital-camera-7El Yunque National Forest is very entertaining too, as it has a waterfall and river. Do hiking in the forest and the breathtaking panorama in front of you. El Yunque National Forest has many species or plants, orchids, trees and animals.

Flamenco Beach

It is a fantastic beach for those who like snorkeling. Never say that you ever in Puerto Rico if you didn’t visit Flamenco Beach that located on Culebra.flamenco-beach-culebra-600x375-4102142

Culebra is a small island that becomes a favorite tourist destination around the world. No traffic jam or crowds in there except during weekend for sure. You can freely sit on the island while enjoying the stunning beach or snorkeling.flamenco-beach-culebra-600x400-2566988

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Apart from the mentioned above places, Puerto Rico still keeps many beautiful things to be explored. Visiting Puerto Rico is not for a single day, stay for more days and read the information we provide below.

How to Go There

puerto-rico-beaches-pictures-600x393-5668440There is a less than four hour flight to Puerto Rico from New York, Miami, Washington, Toronto and Atlanta. From Miami and New York you may also visit the island by sea, which will take around two days. From Europe, there is a 8 to 12 hour flight to the place depend on the destination.

Accommodation at Puerto Rico

puerto-rico-beach-resort-600x341-6316822As other tourist destinations Puerto Rico also offers a variety of lodging facilities for travelers. You may live in a luxury resort or stay in a five star hotel, as well as there is also an option for a small budgeted room. The average cost of a room per night starts from $35 and reach to above $200.

Other Travel Tipspuerto-rico-snorkeling-600x400-8427463

1. USD is the basic currency in here, which called peso in local language. 2. All kinds of western foods available, you may take lunch/dinner as low as $3, usually at a moderate restaurant will charge you around $10 to $15 depend on what you eat. 3. Citizens of other countries have the same requirements as for entering the USA. 4. Nudism is illegal in the country, but you may wear any kind of swimwear or informal dress.

5. For any additional information you may call to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company on their phone number 1-800-866-7827.