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By | 27.09.2020

Author/ Contributor
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traveler-300x225-9888352Rachel (Ray’) Quintas, is a lighthearted, young and newly published travel and freelance writer. Although her public pieces are fresh to the world, her passions for writing and traveling are old souls.

Her love for traveling started with her first trip to Europe in 2014 where she studied at the University in Germany, and backpacked through to Budapest, Hungary. Most recently, she backpacked from the southern tip of Vietnam, up to the North, and back down again. This winter she will be returning to Europe to explore the far east. Ray’ is inspired by the wildness and uncertainty that traveling brings, and her writing encapsulates all of sweet chaos it brings to her life.

Ray’s love for writing was born at an early age and has continued into her young adulthood; she spends her time writing fiction novels, poetry, and travel articles. Her ultimate dreams include becoming a known author and travel writer.

Stewart Lawson

Author/ Editor
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Stewart Lawson is a professional investor, researcher, writer and editor who became addicted to traveling in 2007. He was born and raised in South Carolina, and currently calls Puerto Rico home. Stewart can be reached at StewartLawson1986@gmail.com for questions or comments regarding his work, writing, and lifestyle.

Neha Madiya

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neha-author-300x221-5547325Neha Madiya is a Global freelance writer, based in India. She writes on varied niches with immense passion and interest. Neha is an Educator, Consultant and a Web Researcher. She holds a Masters in Business Administration. “Knowledge is best used when shared” is her prime belief. You can find more about her at nehamadiya.com