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By | 27.09.2020

If you are interested in Chinese and Buddhist history, then the famous Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, China may attract you. The Porcelain Tower located on the southern bank of the Qinhuai River, Nanjing, China is also known as “Bao’ensi” meaning the “Temple of Repaid Gratitude”.

About Porcelain tower

porcelain-tower-history-600x386-4533540Porcelain Tower was constructed in the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century during the reign of Yongle Emperor. However, it was much destroyed during the Taiping Rebellion.

The tower was octagonal in shape. It was one of the largest buildings in China when it was built. It had nine stories and a long staircase in the middle having 184 steps. At the top of the roof was a golden pineapple.

porcelain-tower-of-nanking-600x450-8441568 The Porcelain Tower was so named because it was made of white porcelain bricks. The porcelain bricks reflected the sun’s rays during the day. At night about 140 lamps were hung on the building to illuminate it. It surely would have been a sight to see.

Glazes and stoneware worked on the porcelain on the sides of the tower showed animals, flowers and landscapes. Many Buddhist images were also depicted.

Porcelain tower Destroyed

porcelain-tower-of-nanjing-china-6465651The Porcelain Tower does not exist now as it was destroyed during the course of history due to natural caused as well human activities. It has often been listed in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Before the Taiping Revolution, the tower was struck by lightning destroying the top three floors.

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porcelain-tower-600x450-3319907However, the major damage was done during the revolution when the rebels destroyed the stairs of the pagoda to prevent the citizens from taking refugees inside. Later, the pagoda was completely destroyed by the same rebels.

Porcelain tower reconstruction

porcelain-tower-nanjing-600x400-4403700The Chinese Government has taken the responsibility to restore the ancient building to its original beautiful state that very beautifully depicts the Chinese culture. In 2010, a generous rich Chinese businessman donated a huge sum of money, one billion Yuan, for its construction. People willing to see the building with their own eyes would unfortunately have to wait a few years.porcelain-tower-rebuilt-1863460