Explore Tahiti The Largest Island of French Polynesia – Traveler Corner

By | 14.08.2020

If you wish to spend your vacation relaxing on white sand beaches and swimming in azure waters then Tahiti is the place for you. There are too many wonderful places to explore at Tahiti. 
tahiti-french-polo-600x338-3424578As well as you can do a lot of activities, start from water sports to hiking and biking. Here we share for you some amazing places don’t miss while you visit there.

Tahiti Waterfalls

tahiti-waterfalls-600x800-4290877 The lush green mountains of Tahiti contain many waterfalls. You can take a car to see some of the beautiful ones or you can also hike there with friends and family. Some of the popular waterfalls include Vaiharuru, Topatari, Vaimahutu and Faarumai. The waterfalls in here are not only a captivating sight to behold, but also give you a chance to have an unforgettable adventure. You can also experience taking a bath under a waterfall.

Botanical Garden

botanical-garden-tahiti-600x450-1577475The Harrison Smith Botanical Garden is worth a visit at least once. When you are in Tahiti don’t miss the chance to see the striking garden that contains numerous rare plants such as orchids that are native only to this island. You would surely be mesmerized at the sight of this garden.

Tahiti resorts

visit-tahiti-600x219-6490376If you go to this island at French Polynesia, then try getting a reservation in one of the Tahiti resorts that have over water bungalows. These small cabins are made from wooden platform place directly above the ocean water, its a unique place to stay in. Some of them also have the glass floors, so you will feel like you are walking on water. There is also a Tahiti village resorts in Las Vegas, United States, so don’t confuse with name to book the Tahiti Village resort.tahiti-resorts-600x360-5893075

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Tahiti Historical Sites

tahiti-historical-sites-600x450-1948290Tahiti is also rich in history and while you are there you can visit some of the old archaeological sites that still stand to tell the tale of the people, who lived there centuries ago. The Papenoo valley contains a lot of ruins that are worth seeing. A guide can help you take a tour of all the important historic places.


lagoonarium-tahiti-600x400-1455278When you are on so close to the ocean, why not see some of the most amazing marine animals up close? The Lagoonarium is located in the South coast and contains numerous sea animals and tropical fishes, the sight of which would surely take your breath away.
dreams-of-tahiti-600x450-2635783The most popular attraction at Tahiti is these overwater bungalows, you may book them online before your visit. The price can vary book as early as possible.
tahiti-french-600x251-4737002You will found these resorts every where in Tahiti, its better to do a prior online booking.
tahiti-beach-600x400-3053547There are also few breathtaking white sand beached at Tahiti, the examples are same like these pictures.