5 Places Must Visit At Kathmandu City, Nepal – Traveler Corner

By | 17.09.2019

The country of Nepal is full of wonderful places to spend vacations. Most people think and visit Nepal because of Mount Everest, but Nepal has much more to offer. When you are visiting Nepal you are most likely to tour the city of Kathmandu which is called the “The Gateway of Nepal”. There is much to see in this beautiful city and this article describes some of the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

durbar-square-600x400-9550266There are many places that represent the religious and cultural heritage of the country. One such place is the Durbar Square. There are a number of beautiful temples in this square including the Ashok Binayak, Shiva-Parvati Temple, Narayan Temple and Kumari Palace. This place has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its historical and cultural worth.


swayambhu-600x360-5915299 If you want to see some of the religious places dedicated to Buddha, then Swayambhu should be the first on your list. It features a statue of Buddha in his purest form. The spirituality and serenity of the place is sure to inspire you. This place happens to be one of the top tourist attractions of the city.

Kathmandu Narayanhiti Palace Museum

narayanhiti-palace-museum-600x264-9875290If you are interested in learning about the culture and history, then a museum is the place to go. The Narayanhiti Palace Museum is one of the most popular museums of the country. The building used to serve as a residence for the King, but it has recently been converted into a museum and opened for the public.

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Temple of Pashupatinath

temple-of-pashupatinath-600x400-9560039Pashupatinath Temple is among some of the most beautiful temples in the country. The name can be translated to the ‘lord of the animals’ and is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is a Hindu God. The temple is also a home to numerous monkeys. There is spiritual cave as well that is a good place for some meditation.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

annapurna-circuit-trek-600x337-4126439Kathmandu is not all just about dazzling temples and glorious landscapes there are a lot of fun activities you can enjoy as well. You would undoubtedly enjoy a day with friends and family on the Annapurna Circuit Trek where you can ride horses, try rock climbing and trekking.
buddhas-an-der-ringroad-kathmandu-5738218Here are some picture Of Kathmandu city, i hope you will get an idea of the city living style. kathmandu-boudha-600x400-1736516 kathmandu-temple-600x375-1271632 kathmandu-600x450-7076293 nepal-kathmandu-600x451-9865674