What to See & Do in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Traveler Corner

By | 14.08.2020

Punta Cana is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Dominican Republic, if not the entire Caribbean. The area has multiple hotels and resorts, each of which is close to bars, clubs, beaches, and more. Here are our recommendations for what to see and do when you are in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana Beach

punta-cana-beach-600x338-1728295Punta Cana has 10 beaches, each of which has crystal-clear water and soft, white sand. Playa Juanillo is usually not very crowded but it’s the favorite beach of many travelers. It has a restaurant/bar and you can even rent kayaks or sailboats there.

punta-cana-beaches-macao-600x338-7789266 Macao beach has been listed as one of the best in the Caribbean by UNESCO. It has multiple restaurants and the silky smooth sand is perfect for a long walk. This beach is often frequented by locals on the weekends.

punta-cana-beaches-relax-600x216-1919991Cabeza de Toro beach is great for snorkeling. It also has a couple of resorts that you might want to stay at to make your walk to the beach even easier.

Punta Cana Resorts

punta-cana-resorts-600x400-9493019There are literally dozens of resorts in Punta Cana. Some are all-inclusive, and some allow you to walk directly onto the beach from your hotel’s patio. They all pride themselves on customer service and keeping guests happy.

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punta-cana-resorts-dream-600x399-5983819Dreams and Paradisus are two of the most popular (and luxurious) resorts in the area, and you can often find economical deals by booking rooms at resorts such as The Iberostar, The Majestic Colonial, or The Reserve.


punta-cana-food-600x399-4634412Punta Cana’s seaside location, as well as its mix of African, European, Spanish and Caribbean cultures, makes it a prime spot to chow down. Eden Roc features upscale dining while La Yola is famous for its Mediterranean fare. The jellyfish beach restaurant is renowned for its seafood, and you can also get local Dominican food at places like Nam Nam and the gourmet eatery Noah.

Punta Cana Nightlife

sony-dsc-18No trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without experiencing the nightlife of Punta Cana. Traditional Dominican “colmados” are never more than a stone’s throw away if you’re looking for a cheap beer and good conversation with friendly people. Individuals who want something more fancy will enjoy Punta Cana’s “discotecas” (dance clubs), including Imagine and Coco Bongo. If you’re a sports enthusiast then pay a visit to the Hard Rock Café or Garry’s Good Times Sports Bar.


punta-cana-beaches-600x328-8989408If you weren’t excited about visiting Punta Cana before reading this article, then we hope we’ve changed your mind. Punta Cana has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, good weather and exciting nightlife that it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy visiting this part of the Dominican Republic.
We’d love to hear about your experiences in Punta Cana, and feel free to let us know if you enjoyed something specific in Punta Cana that we could add to this article.punta-cana-beach-side-2812495