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By | 17.09.2019

If you love to go to the beach and loves to have a tan skin, then there is a special beach for you in Rio, Brazil, The Ipanema Beach, where you can enjoy life to the fullest. The place is packed with lots of beautiful scenery, especially the beach, with blue clear water, soft white sand, fresh air and the Sun that kisses your skin.
ipanema-beach-rio-brazil-600x375-9752115This is the place where every tourist wanted to have fun. So you can bring the best, bring party dresses, sexy swimsuits, slippers, sunglasses and of course sun block lotion.
ipanema-beach-sexy-600x337-5008581 Spending a day at Ipanema Beach is worth, but when the day is over, in the night the street party just begins. There are many clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants to go to in the city. Everywhere you can find dancing, partying and have a great time with the music that makes you move, and you surely don’t want to miss this. There are lots of activities to do in the area from morning till dawn, whether sports like volleyball, soccer or football.
ipanema-beach-crowded-600x401-8353093There are also carnivals that make the city so colorful. You can see different tourists from all over the world that visits Ipanema Beach. The beach is just right the road so it is very accessible, there are different restaurants and cafes, hotels, different souvenir shops and boutiques where you can buy something for your loved ones at home.ipanema-beach-sunset-by-national-geographic-600x400-4813731Always be cautious, especially to total strangers that pretend to be tourist guides. It is better to bring just a few personal items when going out and your important things in the hotel room and be sure to put your all belongings in a safe place and lock the door when leaving. Also, be mindful of the surroundings because you don’t want to ruin your vacation in this beautiful place like Ipanema Beach. There are few police officers and police stations around the area that will help and assist tourists for their safety and security.


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