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By | 27.09.2020

If you love trekking, then the Banaue Rice Terrace is a good one to walk through to get acquainted with the nature’s beauty. The Banaue Rice Terraces are considered as the 8th Natural Wonder of the world by most Filipinos, and it is their National Cultural Treasure. These Banaue Rice Terraces were carved in the Ifugao Mountains by the predecessors of the ethnic people.banaue-rice-terrace-close-up-600x400-3927555It is a prevailing fact that the mountain was constructed with the help of hand and less tools. The ancient irrigation system is followed in the terraces. These terraces are located 1500 meters above the sea level. Even today, the natives plant rice and vegetables on the terraces, which is a delight to the eyes. It is a scenic beauty to discover through the Mountain regions of Ifugao of Philippines.

How to reach Banaue Rice Terraces:

It is a 10 hour journey from Manila to Banaue. If you board a bus at night you can reach Banaue in the Morning. During the journey, you will be showered with chillness as the vehicle climbs up the mountain roads. It is always better to carry your sweater with you. But after you reach Banaue, and find the tallest wooden buildings and narrow breezy paths, you would forget the cold and get cognizant with the natural beauty.

The Local people of Banaue Rice Terraces

Viewing the rice terraces from the top is an incredibly beautiful scene. The grassy lands cleaved by the gleaming river, the steep steps filled with rich green rice terraces that soar to meet the sky are indeed an amazing scene to gaze at.banaue-rice-terraces-locals-600x382-9987379
local-philpinese-600x398-9118113If you peek from above, you could see the tiny figures of people strolling at the bed of the terrace. If you love to take photographs, then you could take a lot of pictures, breathe fresh air and come across some stone statues. There is a group of ethnic people waiting in their traditional dress asking to take their pictures in swap for a meager sum of pesos. They will also try to sell their beautiful wood carvings to you.

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Witness the splendor of Banaue and Batad:

At Banauebanaue-town-600x400-2442291

There are four belvederes to be visited in different locations, up the hills. You could either walk to these places or there are tricycles available for 200 pesos, which could provide you with more time to view other scenes.

At Batadbatad-600x337-6454814

The center of attraction at Batad is the rice terrace. The terraces are very attractive and have stones on their side. You can also stroll around the terraces and clime a lot of steps that are steep, but be very cautious, as you may tumble off from the sides of the terrace and fall down into the mud’s of the paddy fields.ifugao-waterfall-600x400-8958309
There is an ecstasy hidden behind the mountains of Cordillera. It is a beautiful waterfall that is located at a height of 50 feet. The crystal clear water there, will leave you rejuvenated.


• The chances of getting lost in the terraces are very easy, so, it is good to hire a local guide to help you with the routes. • Strategizing the route to the waterfall is also very difficult. It is not view able from any of the points from the terraces, only the guide could provide you with the right directions. • It is best to pack enough food and water required for the trip, as refreshments are available only at Cambulo and Batad.

• Use closed shoes or the hiking shoes during your trekking.