Enjoy Some Rides at Kings Island Seasonal Park – Traveler Corner

By | 27.09.2020

The Kings Island is an amusement park Located in Mason, Ohio. It spreads over an area of 364 acres and is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Unlike other amusement parks, Kings Island doesn’t stay open all year round, rather than its open from the end of April to first of May and then at the end of October for Halloween.

kings-island-5244390Kings Island happens to be the most visited seasonal park for families in the United States.

kings-island-son-of-beast-600x450-7612268 There are many wonderful attractions in the amusement park.  Action Zone is the most popular among the visitors. It starts as a sort of Safari ride that gave a full tour of animal preservation. It contains many rides including a water ride Congo Falls, Delirium which is built like a Frisbee, Drop Tower which is the tallest drop ride with its height of 96 feet, a roller coaster Invertigo, Flight Deck with its free swinging cars and Xtreme Sky flyer which is also a roller coaster ride.

kings-island-the-bat-600x269-6516256The Kings Island was built on the area where Coney Island was built previously, so there is a whole section dedicated to the predecessor of Kings Island in the park. It is called Coney Mall and it contains an Action Theater, Wind Seeker, Vortex and other rides. There are five roller coaster and family rides built in this section. The Coney Mall with its concession stands and game booths constructed like traveling carnivals and state fairs.

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kings-island-waterpark-600x338-6146501X-Base is the newly constructed part of the amusement park and is officially a sub section of Coney Mall. There are two roller coaster rides in this portion; Flight of Fear and Fire hawk. International Street is the first place visitors see when they enter the amusement park. It represents the cultures of Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France. There is a huge replica of Eiffel Tower and there are also beautiful water and light shows held here that attract visitors. There are some restaurants in the International Street as well.

kings-island-rides-600x458-4601264Oktoberfest named after a German festival is built like a German town and has been present in the park since it opened in 1972. There is one roller coaster ride Adventure Express, a family ride Viking Fury and Sling Shot which is a thrill ride.

kings-island-water-park-wave-pool-600x399-5624095There is also a water park in Kings Island named Soak City. Other sections include Planet Snoopy which contains several rides for children and is basically a kid’s area. River town also features many rides and is designed on a western theme. Kings Island can be the most fun place to go on your next holiday with your whole family.

kings-island-ohio-600x400-7607385Kings Island Rides.

kings-island-firehawk-600x269-7455317 kings island fire hawk kings-island-the-beast-600x450-1454968 The Beast Wooden Roller Coaster kings-island-planet-snoopy-600x402-6269542 Planet Snoopy kings-island-diamondback-600x269-1499595 Diamondback kings-island-banshee-600x400-1367644 kings island banshee