If you love traveling, then this world is full of beautiful and some amazing places where you can visit. All you need to have a little bit of an adventurous spirit and you can pack your bags and head out to see some of the most unique places on this amazing planet. One such remarkable place exists in Poland and is known as the Crooked Forest.
crooked forest
Crooked Forest is located at a small distance from Gryfino. It consists of more than 400 pine trees. The reason this forest is named “The Crooked Forest” is because of the unique shape of trees.
Crooked Forest black and white

All trees grow with a 90 degree bend near the base of the trunks. The trees then rise vertically upwards. As you can imagine this would give the tree an unusual look. All of the 400 trees curved in the same direction, giving the Crooked forest a magical appearance.
crooked forest in polandThis is not a freak of nature, but rather some experiment of humans. Nobody knows why the trees were made to grow this way, but it has been assessed that the trees were allowed to grow normally for the first few years and then held down by something heavy so that they would become crooked.
CrookedAccording to a common theory, the Crooked forest was specially harvested by some farmers in 1930’s because they wanted to build furniture from the uniquely shaped trunks. That’s why they intentionally held down the trees giving them their unusual shape. But the outbreak of the Second World War must have interfered with the plans of the farmers. That’s why nobody still knows as to what purpose this forest were grown this way.
A model pose on a tree in Crooked ForestThe mystery that surrounds the Crooked Forest makes it all the more popular among tourists. Everybody comes up with a different explanation for this highly unusual forest in the small corner of Poland.  If you ever find yourself near the region don’t forget to check out this weird place.
Crooked Forest PolandThe Crooked Forest is also very popular among photographers, who are always trying to find some unique places to capture photos.
tourists at crooked forest

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crooked forest bend treesCrooked forest is popular for it’s unique shape of trees.

Trees at crooked forestThere are around 400 bended trees in Crooked Forest Poland.

Unique crooked forest