Six Best Honeymoon Destinations To Go – Traveler Corner

By | 12.08.2020

Honeymoon is the most special time for all couples when they are planning to start a new life happily. Every couple wants their honeymoon experience to be memorable and extra excited.

honeymoon-place-600x374-7648691There are many beautiful destinations that are great for honeymoon. This article describes some of the best places around the globe that you can consider if you are planning a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

Paris, France

honeymoon-in-paris-600x400-2322344 Considered to be among the most romantic cities in the world, Paris has a lot to offer. You can easily find a hotel that would suit your budget, and there are many amazing sights to see in the city. The lovers of art and history would have a ball in this beautiful French city.

Venice, Italy

venice-honeymoon-600x333-2429330The canals of the Venice City are known for their beauty and are a unique attraction for couples that are visiting the country for their honeymoons. Venice has been featured in many movies, and it is no surprise that most couples opt to visit this city for their getaway.

Santorini, Greecesantorini-honeymoon-destination-600x449-7880530

Greece with its ancient white buildings, sandy beaches, and vibrant history is considered a top favorite for a romantic vacation for many couples around the world. The island of Santorini is just another popular attraction of this beautiful country. The picturesque and quaint village will make an excellent place stay in for a honeymoon.

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Mauritius may not be much famous, but you would definitely see this name pop up on many lists of favorite honeymoon destinations. If you love sunbathing and swimming in warm beaches, getting treatments in the beautiful spa resorts and dining in fantastic restaurants, then Mauritius is the place for you to go.


The beautiful Caribbean islands are not only a great place for honeymoon, but many couples even opt to have their weddings here. With numerous excellent resorts, fantastic restaurants, and abundant sunny beaches, the Caribbean Islands have it all!


With its crisp weather and beautiful green hills, Scotland has been a popular choice for a holiday resort of the rich and famous people in Britain for centuries. The city of Edinburgh has everything; luxury hotels, plenty of sights to see and good restaurants, everything you need for a real vacation.