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By | 27.09.2020

Dreaming and planning to travel to Las Vegas needs enough time and money because you will be entering the so-called Sin City. Why Sin City? It’s because of many temptations like casinos, clubs, parties and different entertainments and money is a big word in this place. And if you said entertainment, well, there is a place where everything has to offer and that is the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.
luxor-hotel-casino-las-vegas-600x367-6961688Luxor hotel contains 4,407 rooms and a casino with 87 table games and 2,000 slot machines. If you stay in this hotel, you are considered a rich person and living life like a king.
luxor-hotel-las-vegas-600x450-5380791 The structure of the building is like the Pyramid in Egypt and it was named after the ancient city of Egypt, the city of Luxor.

Luxor Hotel is owned by MGM Resorts International. While staying in the hotel, you can feel that you are in Egypt because you can see the Nile River and you can get a tour ride and witness the different ancient artworks.
luxor-hotel-interior-600x310-6808213There is also a replica of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb in the King Tut’s tomb and museum. Many entertainment shows and artists are always performing in Luxor hotel like the famous illusionist Criss Angel, the dance group Jabbawockeez, Carrot Top, the comedian and the musical show, the Menopause the Musical.
luxor-hotel-casino-600x364-8986090Luxor Hotel also has discos and nightclubs. The LAX Nightclub is a club where you can only enter, if you have a reservation. There are famous singers performed and hosted shows at this club like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. The club consists of 78 VIP tables.
luxor-hotel-view-from-top-600x399-2493936The world’s famous food chain McDonald’s is also available in the Luxor hotel. Other expensive dining restaurants are available also in the hotel where you can dine different kinds of food and drinks.
luxor-hotel-600x400-8932553The strongest beam of light in the whole world can be found in Las Vegas and that is at the Luxor Sky Beam and this is a must see experience. Because of its strong light people can see it over Los Angeles. Prepare yourself to go to Luxor Hotel because you will have the experience that you will never forget.luxor-hotel-front-view-600x450-7260108Read More: Plan a Las Vegas Vacation
luxor-hotel-inside-600x400-3306668The inside hall of Luxor Hotel.
luxor-hotel-pool-600x398-7286712Luxor hotel also have a very beautiful pool, you may swim and bath there with your friends and family.
pyramid-deluxePyramid Deluxe King and  Pyramid Deluxe Queens rooms are the best budgeted options for staying at Luxor Hotel. The prices is about to $ 50 US per night, which is very low. You may book your room Here.

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