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By | 14.08.2020

Armenia is a country of beautiful and medieval churches, a country where every element of architecture features its long and surviving history. Being the first country adopting Christianity, Armenia has myriad picturesque churches, most of which date back to ancient times. All of them are unique and worth visiting, but the most famous is the Geghard monastery, as it is a place where every tourist rushes the first while being in Armenia.
geghard-historical-places-600x400-9031968Situated in Kotayk province, Geghard is a large monastery complex consisting of several churches and monastic sells partly carved out of the mountain. It also boasts about beautiful khachkars (cross-stones) another incredible gem of Armenian architecture.
geghard-monastery-armenia-7429854 Geghard monastery is a real masterpiece of Armenian architecture which amazes everyone by its grandeur and unique style. The oldest church in this complex is the church of Saint Gregory; the inscriptions on it date back to 1177.
geghard-art-600x400-7226952The main church Katoghike, built in 1215, is a typical example of medieval Armenian architecture. Its cross-shaped cupola structure and the decorative elements, featuring animals and birds are really astounding. Armenian enchanting nature and surrounding cliffs make this place more exciting and it feels like you are one small piece of this unsurpassed beauty.
geghard-armenia-600x450-5750076According to legend, Geghard was built in the 4’th century by Saint Gregory the Illuminator and was then called Ayrivank (cave monastery).  As history states the monastery was destroyed in the 9th century, but it was rebuilt in the 13th century and became the spiritual center of the region.
geghard-monastery-600x400-1622141At that time the monastery was renamed Geghard which means spear in Armenian. As to legend, it got its name because the spear used by Roman soldiers to pierce Christ at Crucifixion was long kept in this Monastery. Later it was taken to the museum of Ejmiatsin cathedral.
road-to-geghard-monastery-600x400-8823032On your way to the Geghard monastery, tied ribbons on trees will strike your attention. It is said that if you make a wish and tie a ribbon on these trees your wish will come true.geghard-architecture-600x450-7058869
geghard-interior-600x450-3814231 Interior and wall decorations are the most interesting part of   Geghard Monastery, the walls carved with various shape pf animals and birds.geghard-monastery-art-on-walls-600x400-6620548
geghard-600x400-9092599Geghard is actually carved out of a mountain, that’s why it called “Monastery of the Cave”.

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