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By | 23.11.2019

If you think an island is all about water sports, scuba diving, aquatic plants and fish, and open skies, then you are wrong. There are so many things that are not explored yet. In fact, some of the places are known for the kinds of mysteries that exist on them.easter-island-statue-heads-600x410-2531841
Easter Island is one of those places that have their very own stories. Let us find out more about it.

About Easter Island:

Belonging to the Pacific Ocean, this is a Chilean island that exists in the Polynesian Triangle. It is quite popular for the 887 extant monumental statues that were created by the early Rapa Nui population. These statues are known as Moai.rabu-raraku-quarry-at-easter-island-600x450-1933257
Right from different statues, stone platforms as well as stone walls, to the stone houses, petroglyphs and the caves, there are hundreds of different things to see in here.

Did you know?

Easter island belongs to the group of the remotest areas in the world.

Star attraction of this location:

easter-island-statue-bodies-600x800-8048293When you go for the tour, you are taken to a place with the giant statues, which were carved out of the volcanic rocks. The biggest mystery is that no one has ever been able to find out or understand why these carvings were done and what these statues mean. They have faces, but do not appear normal to the human eyes.

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The Top three reasons to visit the place:

• This island is full of mysteries and secrets. All those who love to explore different mysterious things are welcomed in here.easter-island-native-girl-beside-statues-1-600x434-8175285
• Generally, most of the islands have rough and sharp weathers, but the climate of the Easter Island is pretty pleasant. No matter when you go, you are not hit with the roughness of the breeze.easter-island-festival-dance-600x338-4489151
• In the month of February, there is a two week festival called Tapati celebration, this festival that has its own historic traditions and reasons for celebrations. There are many wild competitions seen during this festival, which attracts most of the tourists during this month.

The best time to visit Easter Island:easter-island-600x427-6315413

As mentioned earlier, there’s a two week festival held in the month of February and thus, this is the best time to visit this island.

everyone knows that Easter Island’s giant statues have stunning heads, but did you know they have great bodies too. chilean-newlyweds-600x400-1529847 Chilean newlyweds celebrating tradition marriage. Nearly two-thirds of the visitors to the island are from Chile. easter-island-native-women-4741971 Native women of Easter island using their traditional costumes.