Cotswolds The Most Developed Rural Area at England, UK – Traveler Corner

By | 28.07.2016

The Cotswolds is a famous rural area that promises wonderful vista on the hills. It is an attractive place for many visitors who visit England.
cotswold-landscape-views-600x400-3498158Explore the Cotswolds and you can see some small villages that built from stones and some several historical places as well as plantations. Cotswolds often hold any event or festival like art exhibitions, music festivals, sports and others.
cotswolds-england-600x374-3206184For some tourists, they enjoy their time by doing some outdoor activities such as bicycle or jogging around village area.
cotswolds-cottages-600x346-2682599 Cotswolds houses some villages on the hills and some Aristocrat’s style houses that renovated as a hotel. The landscape in here is very stunning and this is the reason the government called Cotswolds as “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

While in Cotswolds, don’t forget to visit the place where Winston Churchill was born, Blenheim Palace and the gardens.
cotswolds-villages-600x338-7253534You can do a lot of activities and tour in here, take your family and have time together beside the river at Bourton on the water. Have some fun there while enjoying the village scenery. Enjoy your next village tour in Stow on the Wold. It is situated on the highest place in the Cotswolds. Feel the history while releasing your previous busy hours in some cafes located in the market square.
sudeley-castle-cotswolds-600x431-1633955Cotswold has a romantic place for you. It is called Sudeley Castle garden. It is a romantic place that still exists along with its history since hundred years ago.
castle-combe-cotswolds-600x429-8119949Do you know Shakespeare? Share your time to visit “him” at Stratford on Avon as well as Anne Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shakespeare’s wife. If you are one from million fans of Shakespeare, then you can enjoy Shakespeare’s plays at Swan Theater.
cotswolds-uk-600x400-8761257Another magical village you must visit in the Cotswolds is Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter. Enjoy the magnificent view and the charming village of both. Have a walk and get close to the villagers. Try to wake in the early morning next day and begin your 102 mile walks just to witness the beautiful sunrise at Chipping Campden and explore the natural scene in this rural area.

broadway-cotswolds-england-600x382-4568621The Cotswolds is not only the place for your holiday, but it is a place for your entire family. Take your kids to Cotswold Water Park. Let them get wet and learn to Wakeboard.