Must Visit Places At Edirne, Turkey – Traveler Corner

By | 23.11.2019

Edirne is a popular tourist city in Turkey. It is located in Eastern Thrace, which is in northwest of Turkey. If you ever go to Edirne then there are a number of places you can visit. Some of these places are described in here.

Edirne Selimiye Camii

edirne-selimiye-camii-600x400-1816991Selimiye Camii is a mosque designed by the great architect Mimar Sinan, it is considered to be the grand mosque in Edirne. It was designed in the 16th century with a great architect, If you are a fan of Ottoman architecture you are bound to enjoy a visit to this beautiful mosque.

Edirne Archaeology & Ethnography Museum

edirne-archaeology-and-ethnography-museum-600x684-8398642 For people interested in the history and culture of Edirne, a visit to this museum is a must. You can see several exhibits from prehistoric times. There are many interesting things to see at this museum. People of all ages can enjoy a visit to this museum and can learn the great art of the architect of the city.

Edirne Sarayı

edirne-sarayc4b1-600x336-8309144This palace dates back to the 15th century. It was started by Sultan Beyazit II sometime in the middle of the 15th century. The palace used to be very grand once; some say it could even rival the Tokapi Palace of Istanbul. But the time has taken its toll on this place and it has been reduced to ruins. But it is still worth visiting at least once.

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lalezar-edirne-600x284-8200010What’s a visit to Turkey without tasting some of the delicious local recipes? If you want to enjoy a great meal with friends and family, then you should visit Lalezar. It’s a family restaurant where tables are set on a raised platform among trees. You can enjoy both local and international food at this restaurant.

Edirne Medreses

edirne-medreses-600x400-7507638Medreses is  an islamic school same like in english Seminary. This place houses the Selimiye Foundation Museum, which displays a collection of art and artifacts, take down from many historical buildings and mosques in this area. The Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum is also located in the same place. It has been recently opened and contains many artifacts from the Ottoman era.
edirne-turkey-600x398-2656786Some random photograph of the city Edrine in Turkey.