Visit The Acropolis Of Athens In Greece – Traveler Corner

By | 27.09.2020

If you like to visit historical places, then you must try to plan your next trip to the Acropolis in Greece. It is the oldest city in the world that located 156 meters above the sea on a rocky plateau. It is located in the area of Athens, the Greek capital city.
acropolis-of-athens-600x338-3134538The Acropolis of Athens is a historical place to visit as it was the center of the world’s cultures. It is the house of some most famous world’s inventors and initiators of science, such as Sokrates, Aristoteles, Plato, Euripides, Aischylos, Sophokles, and many more. Their inventions still used and applicable till date. There are too many historical buildings and heritage sites in Greece, and Acropolis always at top of them all. One of the most famous attractions in here is the Pantheon.
konica-minolta-digital-cameraThe Pantheon is the oldest building in Greek. Actually, till now, there are many buildings remaining in here, but The Pantheon is the only one which still standing almost completely.acropolis-athens-greece-600x450-1406973Before the Persian invasion, the city of Acropolis was well organized. The Iranian destroyed some buildings during their invasion. After the Iranian defeated, the Athenian leaders did some restorations of the damage buildings.
acropolis-under-construction-600x347-5969700After that, Greek was invaded by the Ottoman Emperor from Turkey. However, the Ottoman made Acropolis as a conservation area and to be a symbol of Athens.
acropolis-and-the-parthenon-at-night-600x400-9820448At Acropolis, besides exploring the historical buildings, you can explore the old city by visiting some interesting places such as:
The ancient artifacts
konica-minolta-digital-camera-2Those artifacts that have been kept by the government are one of the attractive things to see.
Acropolis restaurants at Plaka
plaka-athens-600x417-6482134Plaka is a place for some restaurants in Acropolis that offers Acropolis origin foods such as Moussakas. Moussakas consist of boiled potato, mince, and eggplant that’s grilled in oven. You can try other foods as well, such as Pastitsio, meat ball with potato and ketchup which is called Keftedes.
Have time to visit Kolonakikolonaki-athens-600x450-9087615It is one of the souvenir centers in Athens that located between Lykavittos and Syntagma. To find the best quality of leather shoes, you can find it in the Ermou area. Besides offering high quality shoes, you can see some world heritage sites in here.