7 Places To Visit In Tuscany, Italy – Traveler Corner

By | 28.09.2020

Tuscany is a one of the most famous region in Italy, which attracts millions of visitors every year. It is a hills city and surrounded by spectacular vistas. The places of interests in Tuscany are including historical cities, arts, grapes, dining places, hill city from the mid-century, beaches and beautiful villages. original-tuscany-600x400-6377553

tuscany-hills-600x438-8771651Here I give in detail some famous places in Tuscany, don’t miss to go there once you are in there:

Florence, Tuscany

florence-italy-600x300-5619919Florence is the capital of Tuscany and also central of Renaissance of Architecture and the place of most essential arts like Duomo and Baptistery that always loaded with many tourists. Florence also has a museum that houses many famous paintings and statues.


siena-tuscany-600x400-6452984It is a classic city located on the hill from the mid-century era. Siena is famous for the big piazza that formed like a hand fans-shaped, Piazza del Campo. Siena is also popular for horse-racing that called Il Palio.

Leaning Pisa

leaning-tower-of-pisa-600x260-6194816One of the iconic buildings in north Tuscany is Leaning tower of Pisa that located on Pisa. Besides the leaning tower, Pisa also has some beautiful parks, House of Lord Byron and Shelley as well as enjoying the surrounded while walking beside the river.


lucca-tuscany-600x399-5420302Lucca is walled-city. The wall is one the best walls that ever built. On the top of the wall, people can walk or cycling around.
Lucca has some well-maintained towers where we can see the panorama of the town from the top of the tower. Lucca is also the best place for dining and shopping.

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cortona-piazza-della-repubblica-600x400-2978826Cortona is a town that situated on the hill. Cortona is surrounded by the Etruscan wall that has been there since 3,000 years ago. Cortona has many luxurious buildings with mid-century architectural designs.


gimignano-600x425-6752404It is a classic town that popular for its beautiful towers. It has 14 towers that built on the mid-century era.

Chianti, Tuscany

tuscany-italy-600x373-3626975It is the place of vineyard that located between Florence and Siena. Chianti has a wonderful village that worth to be visited.

Other than those places, Tuscany has other places that usually visited by many tourists like Montepulciano for its vineyards, Pienza that famous for its cheese, and Montecatini that famous for the hot water and it is one of the spa cities in Italy.
tuscany-landscape-600x398-6601802Finally, we have thousands reasons why we have to visit Tuscany, you just need to plan your trip for extended time period and enjoy one of the nature rich region of Italy.