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By | 19.11.2019

Sharm El Sheikh is a major Egyptian city and tourist destination located at the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea. There is a huge seashore line which makes the city an attractive place to visit.
beach-sharm-el-sheikh-egypt-wallpaper-600x450-1452325The warm water of Red Sea also enhances the attractiveness of this international tourist destination. This city is situated in the Gulf of Aquba at a distance of 19 kilometers from Ras Mohammed National Park. It is at a distance of 300 kilometers from Suez.

Sharm El Sheikh: How to Reach

the-grand-hotel-sharm-el-sheikh-6 The city is well connected by domestic and international airlines. The Sharm El Sheikh airport is situated at a 20 minutes drive from Sharm city center. After Cairo’s International Airport, it is the second busiest airport of Egypt, which supports the fact that it is a hot spot for adventurers and tourists from different parts of the world.
naama-bay-sharm-el-sheikh-city-600x400-2784658Egypt Air facilitates domestic flights from Cairo and Luxor to Sharm El Sheikh. The city is well connected with the help of International and Charter flights from Europe, America, Oceania, and Middle East. The city is rated as one of the best holiday destination for international tourists.

Sharm El Sheikh: Tourist Attractions and Activities

sharm-el-sheikh-under-water-600x228-7759309The warm water of Red Sea and beautiful shoreline of Sharm makes it a hot spot for tourists. If you are a water sport lover, you may enjoy visiting the Tiran Island, Ras um Sid, and Dolphina Park. Sharm El Sheikh is known for its scuba diving, snorkelling, and wind surfing facilities.
sharm-el-sheikh-tourism-600x343-4745342One may also visit Ras Mohammed National Park to have fun of wildlife safari. There are a number of natural and wildlife tours and desert safari tours that one can choose during their holidays at Sharm El Sheikh.
sharm-el-sheikh-beach-600x255-5649816Some of the attractive places to visit during a tour to Sharm El Sheikh include Alexandro Cafe, Coptic Church, Shark’s Bay Beach, The Half Crown, The Heavenly Cathedral, Aqua Blue Water Park, SOHO Square, Al Mustafa Mosque, and Ghibli Raceway.

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Sharm El Sheikh: Restaurants and Hotelsthe-grand-hotel-sharm-el-sheikh-3

The best lunch and dining destinations of Sharm El Sheikh are Full Power Juice Bar, Rangoli, Nino’s Italian Restaurant, Casa Mia, Farsha Cafe, The Blue Fountain, and Makai Tukai. One can easily enjoy the rental facilities during their holiday trips on affordable rates at S1 Egyptian Experience Resort, Delta Sharm, and Beach Cliff Holiday Home.
sharm-el-sheikh-marriott-resort-600x400-5092597Some of the best and affordable hotels in Sharm El Sheikh are Sultan Garden Resort, Stella De Mare Beach Hotel & Spa, Marriott Resort, Four Season Resort, and many more.

A Note for Female Travelerssharm-el-sheikh-at-egypt-600x338-2805657

Egypt is a Muslim country with strict dress codes. However, dress codes in tourist areas of Sharm El Sheikh are pretty relaxed. Yet, keeping shoulders covered, avoiding too much bare flesh and strictly resisting topless sunbathing are some good ideas while enjoying your holidays in here.