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By | 27.09.2020

The Sand Dune, Death Valley is one hell of a breathtaking retreat for the nature lovers. With scintillating sand dunes, water-etched gorges, the desert rocks, wiped out volcanic cavities, palm-shaded desert gardens and a lot of endemic untamed life.

sand-dunes-dessert-at-death-valley-600x450-2857494It is the sultriest and driest place in America, with summer temperatures topping above 120 F°/49°C. This is a place that is known for superlatives and of course the shaded oases.

When to go?

sand_dunes_death_valley-600x400-1068849 Winter and the springtime from late February until early April are the peak or the best time to visit this place, one can enjoy the most over weekends and its advisable to enjoy the sunset here which is totally breathtaking.

Where to go to Sand Dunes at Death Valley?

When around Sand Dunes, Death Valley there are a couple of places to not miss.

the-bad-water-basin-600x399-8442453 The Bad Water Basin is one of the lowest point in North America, it presents a jaw dropping scene of crimped salt pads. Here you can exit onto a continually dissipating bed of salty, mineralized water that is powerful in its magnificence.

great-sand-dunes-colorado-600x294-5456642 At 5475ft, Dante’s view offers the most beautiful and splendid scenes to enjoy at dawn or dusk. Besides the view one can enjoy and observe Mt Whitney and least Badwater points in the adjoining USA.

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zabriskie-point-600x400-7949860 Zabriskie Point is worth to reach early in the morning, enjoying the drive, the weather as well as the beautiful sunrise or even the sunset for that matter. Zabriskie Point offers stupendous views across the valley of the brilliant barren wilderness disintegrated into waves, creases and chasms.

lying-on-sand-dunes-death-valley-600x399-7059419Besides these, the Charcol Kilns, Darwin Falls, Eureka Valley Sand Dunes and Furnace Creek are worth a visit as well.

Where to eat?

• The Crowbar Café is an incredible place, especially after a long and hot ride through the Death Valley. The fajitas, here are impeccable and the combo incredible (in size and taste). Great lively ambience, a must visit spot.

• Tower Pizza has one of the best pizza’s in town and the special homemade chicken soup is just fabulous. The food is fresh and delicious and the service is great too. Tower Pizza isn’t very heavy on the pocket and definitely worth a try.

• Mountain Falls Grill Room is known for its patio seating, friendly staff and some organic healthy menu items. A beautiful scenery overlooks the golf course and a small pond where you can chill and enjoy with some rabbits and birds to watch.

Where to stay in Sand Dunes Death Valley?

• Cynthia’s is an upscale desert lodging which offers hostel style beds and native American tents to stay in. This one is highly rated and an apt option for the travel & adventure bugs.

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• The Tecopa Hot Springs Resort offers accommodations for mostly all budgets. It’s a great mix of suites, motels, small cabin style rooms. It also offers a bistro, a gallery and hot springs bath.

• Amargosa Opera House and Hotel is a Spanish style built property which is a treat for the creative people. This property is very artsy and offers some really amazing delicacies made in a small café right inside the hotel.





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