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By | 22.01.2020

If you go to Brazil your tour can not be complete without visiting Rio. Rio De Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and it is the center of some touristy places, including its exotic beaches, mountains, and the harbor. Rio De Janeiro is also called “Cidade Maravilhosa” or extraordinary city. Once you have the chance to visit Rio De Janeiro, hereunder are some places that you must list down in your trip.



Christ the Redeemer

corcovado-mountain-and-christ-redeemer-statue-rio-de-janeiro-600x397-1098822The statue is about 710 meters situated on Corcovado Mountain or in Tijuca National Park. It is the icon of the Rio De Janeiro and even in Brazil. It was built in 1922 and becomes the biggest art Deco in the world.

Ipanema Beaches

sunny-day-at-ipanema-beach-600x450-2514104Ipanema is located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro. The most famous tourism object is Ipanema beach. The beach is listed as one of the best beaches in the world. Around the beach there are many souvenir shops, café, restaurants, art galleries, theaters and clubs.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain listed in the highest peak in Rio De Janeiro. Visitors can enjoy the view from above by riding a cable car which is called bondinho or Teleferico. A cable car will depart from Babilonia Hill and move to the top of Morro da Urca Hill.

Jardim Botanico

jardim-botanico-600x450-6303295Jardim Botanico is the place where 8,000 species of plants are developed. Jardim Botanico was founded since 1800.

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Santa Teresa

santa-teresa-rio-de-janeiro-600x397-3800659Santa Teresa is an area name in Rio. Santa Teresa is located on Santa Teresa Hill. The street is winding and it has a plantation area since the 19th century. The area is the favorite place for artists, musicians, writers to express their imagination.


arcos-da-lapa-600x252-2777847 Lapa has another name which is Centro. Lapa is famous for its monuments and nightlife. The architectures in Lapa will bring our imagination in the year of 1800s. Lapa offers many Brazilian traditional foods.

Best Time to Visit

Rio carnival

You may visit Rio any time in all the year, the city climate almost remains same. But if you want to enjoy and entertain from the true culture of the Brazil than visit the city in the month of February. Yes! I am talking about world most famous Rio carnival, it is not only the biggest Carnival, but it is also one of the most interesting artistic events on the

Rio Olympic 2016

If you can manage plan to visit the Rio de Janeiro this year, the city will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Paralympics. It means to say that you can spend your holiday and at the same time become a witness as this is for the first time the city hosting the event.


rio-hotels-600x336-5651047You may find a full range of accommodation in Brazil from hostels and basic lodgings clustered around bus stations to luxury resort hotels. Rio is a comparatively expensive city than other Brazilian cities. You may find a budget room with basic options at the rate of R$100–150 ($25 to $40 USD). If you plan to visit during carnivals or the Olympics than kindly please book your hotel minimum 10 days before your arrival to avoid any trouble. The earlier you book means more good deal you will find.

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The basic currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real; right now the exchange rate with USD is around 4.05. Anyhow confirms the rate from any local agent or just type in Google.

What to Eat in Rio de Janeiro

feijoada-600x386-9263744In Rio there are almost all types of fast food restaurants available. Here we just want to mention some local traditional foods you must try while you are in the city. The first one is Feijoada one of the most popular and also considered as the national dish in the city.

Churrasco is another very popular traditional dish prepared with up to ten types of meat, including chicken, pork, wild boar, and even alligator, usually served with a salad, beans or rice. If you love seafood, then don’t miss soup “leão Veloso.

The weather is usually hot in Rio, drink coconut water, tropical fruit juice or the most popular refreshing beverage of Rio Caipirinha, go to beaches and enjoy your day.