Visit Mauritius Beaches on this Summer – Traveler Corner

By | 06.02.2020

Mauritius, a country, which is majorly dominated by an Indian and French settlement, is one of the few destinations in this world that will take your breath away.

la-plantation-dalbion-mauritius-600x255-5214204Since it’s an island country, there are many beaches that can be frequented by solo travelers, friends and family alike.

The Mauritius beaches are divided into:

halaveli-beach-mauritius-600x386-1706600 – North Coast
– South Coast
– East Coast
– West Coast

Primarily, the North Coast beaches are the ones which boast of the most premium resorts and establishments and it is a perfect option for families. The West Coast beaches are rich in street food and beach parties which is a perfect mix for solo-travelers and friends.
flic-en-flac-mauritius-600x429-2841534Flic en Flac, West Coast
ile-aux-cerfs-mauritius-600x400-6166373Ile aux Cerfs
interior-design-of-concrete-wall-with-armchairTrou aux Biches, North Coast

In terms of the East and South Coast beaches of Mauritius, they are usually extremely calm and very less frequented by a huge group of tourists. Hence, it’s often a good option to visit these beaches if you wish for a great tan or just want to be on the beach with less crowd.
mauritius-beaches-beauty-600x450-3184809Whatever may be your fancy, Mauritius is the perfect place to relieve your stress and truly understand what serenity actually means.

Just to convince you further, here are 3 top reasons to visit Mauritius Beaches.mauritius-beach-600x365-2691814– Mauritius Beaches are one of the most clean and hygienic beaches in the world. – You can participate in a number of activities ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving.

– The street food and parties are to die for.