Manarola The Famous Cinque Terre Town in Italy – Traveler Corner

By | 27.09.2020

Manarola is like a dreamland in the real world. It is the most favorite destination for many tourists when they visit Italy. Even though to reach the place they must take the risk of passing cliffs, they will do for enjoying the wonderful panorama in Lingurian beach and its colorful houses.
homes-view-at-manarola-italy-600x397-6033620Manarola was built in the era of ancient Roman and it is the oldest city in Italy. It is also registered as world heritage by UNESCO along with another 4 cities near Lingurian Beach, such as Monterosso Al Mare, Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Corniglia. Those beautiful villages are very famous in the world for their uniqueness.

manarola-italy-homes-600x296-4909283 Manarola is a small city in Comune, La Spezia province, Luguria, North of Italy. It has magnificent panorama by combining the clear blue water and colorful houses alongside the coastline. The scenery is exceptional if we can stay there until the sunset. It is really a dreamland.
manarola-italy-swimming-600x598-6026535Another great view of Manarola is during summer when the waves hit the cliffs. The beauty of the city has inspired some paintings such as The Bridges of Manarola, Tramonto and Sunset at Manarola by Llewelyn Lloyd.
olympus-digital-camera-12Many people said that Manarola is a heaven for tourists. There are many things to do in here, such as swimming or just having sunbath, joining some fishermen on the sea, or just spending the time in Cafe near by the sea while enjoying the natural arts of Manarola. Explore the cute villages to get a closer look and you will realize that the village is really like a painting. Most visitors prefer to walk to the 4 villages as it is the convenient way to enjoy the real beauty.
manarola-mysterious-night-600x338-2555812There is a train that will take us to explore the villages, the train will be available once for every 10 or 15 minutes. However, it will be very crowded during summer vacation, so all the time the train will be fully loaded with the visitors. We can purchase a special ticket from La Spezia to go to Levanto. The ticket cost for Levanto is 5 Euro, if you want to explore the whole villages as well as its national park, you must pay 10 Euro for one day trip and 19 Euro for a two day adventure.
manarola-cinque-terre-600x402-9268717You can stay at one of the villages in Manarola, however, don’t think that it will be cheap. The minimum price is about 25-30 euro per night. The room rent will increase during the summer vacation.

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