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By | 27.09.2020

Maldives is a small country located in Indian Ocean. Male is the capital of the country. The country is located near with Sri Lanka and India. Maldives is the most popular destination among travelers as well as the celebrities. When we think about Maldives the only thing will come in mind is the white sand beaches and luxury in water cottages. If you are interested for traveling to the country than its valuable to read the information we share here.maldives-beaches-600x375-4486814 maldives-resort-island-600x300-9433169 maldives-traveler-corner-600x400-6046072Image source getsreaymaldives-600x399-8167265

Maldives Resorts

maldive-royal-island-resort-spa-600x248-7210448Maldives is very popular for its luxury resorts in water. Every resorts have many cottages in the water. These resorts are providing excellent service and beside the shape is like cottage the inside rooms are very comfortable and luxury. Prices are a bit higher you may book one cottage below $300 in off seasons. Otherwise normal prices are above $500.maldives-luxury-bungalows-600x321-7022202 maldives-spa-resort-marina-600x399-7861629

Maldives glowing beach

There is a beach in Maldive which glow in night. This beach located at Vaadhoo Island which is very famous and popular among tourists. What is the secret behind the glowing of this mysterious beach. BBC write a report about Glowing Blue Waves Explained, according them.

Glittering or flashing seas have long been linked to marine microbes—and now scientists think they know how the life-forms create light.

maldives-glowing-beach-600x400-3532740 vaadhoo-island-maldives-600x401-7300074

Things to Do

Water sports

maldives-water-sports-600x396-9209864Maldives is the most unique country which consists of 99% sea and only 1% land, so Maldive is the leading water sports hub in the world. Some of the most popular water sports activities include Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water Skiing and canoeing.

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Honeymoon Holidays

reethi-rah-maldives-600x403-5899210 taj-maldives-wedding-6959477Maldives is the best place for honeymoon, its white sand beaches and mysterious nigh atmosphere make it one of the most romantic destination in the world. Every day we read news about many celebrities enjoy dating at the island that’s the proof for my statement. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie choose Maldives for their honeymoon destination. Maldives is a peaceful getaway for the two of you to unwind and savor pure bliss.


maldives-food-600x436-8048314The local foods in Maldives you found are based around fish, there is a huge variety of fish you will found in dishes in the country. Although in Male city you can found any food, there are hundred of international restaurants in the city.

How to Go There

male-maldives-airport-600x274-7381099There is no option of a  direct flight to Maldives specially from Europe and USA. You need to search some connecting flights. If you are in south east Asia or India the best option is via Colombo. Sri Lankan airline is extremely cheap, but please do a research before you choose, as the airlines fair are changing frequently. From USA or Europe the best way to come to Maldives is via Dubai. You may visit the Male city airport website to get detail information about the daily flights.

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