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By | 14.08.2020

Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities of the world. It offers a perfect blend of old and new. In less than a century, this small fishing village has come a long way to become a metropolitan city with huge sky scrapers and luxurious hotels.
hatta-dam-dubai-uae-600x400-8749157The beauty and luxury the city offers attracts thousands of tourists every year and its ideal location also makes it a popular holiday destination. You can enjoy everything from shopping, great food, the history and culture of Arab and taking a relaxing break in the sun in Dubai. One of the popular tourist spots in Dubai, UAE is the Hatta Village.
hatta-uae-dubai-600x338-6351801 Located to the south-east of Dubai, Hatta Village is a sheikhdom that dates back to the 16th century. It was an old village that has been inhabited for many centuries and lies near the dry river beds of Hatta Wadi. Hatta Village is basically a reconstructed heritage village which displays scenes from the village life in the past. You can experience the culture and simple life of the village people of Arab.
hatta-uae-600x450-2159826The Hatta, UAE includes numerous loam houses and even the falaj irrigation system that was used to water the crops in old days. It is located in the Hajjar Mountains and is at the higher altitude from Dubai, so the weather is much milder than the city.
hatta-pools-in-rocks-600x450-5901726People trying to escape the heat and crowds of the city and prefer to spend their holidays at Hatta. There are also lakes and streams that are good spot for a picnic with family and friends and the striking water pools are perfect for a refreshing swim.
hatta-dubai-600x400-2706990Hatta Village is only about 70 miles away from the city and there is public transport available in Dubai to take people to this unique place. There are arrangements for 4×4 safaris that transport tourists to the village in the mountains through a very scenic route as well. You can enjoy the view of majestic desert and rocky mountain passes of the Hajjar Range on your way.
hatta-village-600x450-7363435If you ever go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates than don’t forget to pay a visit to the Hatta Village and experience the culture and traditions of the local people. hatta-view-from-the-dam-5007088donkeys-at-hatta-600x337-2841939

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