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By | 12.08.2020

Grand Canyon is one of the most famous tourist place in the United States. Grand Canyon is included in the seven natural wonders of the world. It is located in the northern part of Arizona. It is one of the most amazing and largest canyon in the world, which formed by the erosion of the Colorado River.
ngs-picture-id2275630The magnificent natural cliffs are about 446km length, 6 – 29km width and more than 1,600 meters depth. The Grand Canyon was inaugurated by former U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt as the first National Park in America in 1908.
grand-canyon-utah-hero-sunset-600x300-6947682 To reach the Grand Canyon, You can start from Las Vegas. It takes about 2.5 hours by car. You will arrive at the starting point which is called the west rim Grand Canyon.
grand-canyon-south-rim-600x286-5068833From the starting point of Grand Canyon, You can take a shuttle bus to explore the west rim area such as Hualapai Ranch. Hualapai is one of the Indian tribes who live in the west rim as well as they manage the tourist objects there. You can feel a cowboy atmosphere here such as riding a horse, throwing a tomahawk and other activities.
grand-canyon-helicopter-tours-images-600x338-2739827If your time is limited, you can take a helicopter instead to go directly to the Colorado River from the starting point. From the river, you can witness the great view of the Grand Canyon, which has been divided by the river for about 2,000 million years.
nankoweap-view-grand-canyon-national-park-arizona-usaThe next adventure is taking a boat that belongs to a Hualapai tribe through the brown river of Colorado. The boat will take the visitors for about 100 meters from the dock and will let the visitors to have some photographs there for about 15 minutes before going back to the starting point.
grand-canyon-skywalk-tour-600x450-8859075The most spectacular place at the grand Canyon west rim is the Bridge. The wall and the base of the bridge are made from glass. When you walk on the bride, you will feel same as you walk on the sky; that is why the bridge is called a Skywalk bridge.

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We have to pay $30 to walk on the bridge. Sadly, it is not allowed to bring the camera, mobile phone and backpack for safety reason. We should keep those things in the lockers provided in there.
grand-canyon-national-parkAs an alternative, they provide a special photographer for the visitors who will charge a photo for one dollar or $80 for same photos in flash disk.
grand-canyon-dory-less-phantom-600x450-9743172Grand Canyon Colorado River.
grand-canyon-skywalk-600x400-9792220Grand canyon Skywalk Bridge.