My First Trip Abroad, Thailand – Traveler Corner

By | 17.09.2019

Thailand is my first destination ever I visit abroad. Being a Pakistani its always difficult to get a visit visa for any country, especially when you have just completed your education and don’t have enough income source. Well, that’s not the foreign embassies who treating our people in such way, but the problem is the behavior of our Pakistani people. I will write in detail sometime about that, so the story is I get my visa for Thailand and it’s my first ever trip abroad.

qatar-airways-600x450-7158356I book my return ticket at Qatar Airways for Bangkok at the end of December. The ticket was a bit expensive around P.RS 79,000 or $800 US from Islamabad to Bangkok, as it’s the season majority of tourist traveling on new year.

khao-san-road-600x400-5594853 Khao San Road, Bangkok

I do a thorough research and found the best place to stay in Bangkok is Khao San Road. I book my hotel the Rambuttri Village Inn near to Khao San Road for 4 nights. The hotel cost was P.RS2000 or $20 per night.

If you are Pakistani and traveling first time abroad than prepare yourself for questioning everywhere. Same happened with me, in Islamabad airport they investigate me for 15 to 20 minutes. What’s the purpose of your visit, what’s your job, Do you have enough money? And blah blah.

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After all this boring conversation, finally I was about to take my first flight. As I come inside the airplane, mind was little relax. It was almost midnight and we have to take flight of 4 hours to Doha, Qatar. After two hour stay in Doha next flight was about to 8 hours from Doha to Bangkok. I really enjoy the luxury of Qatar Airways, and impress with the new Doha Airport.

dubai-view-from-airplane-600x338-3190525 View of Dubai From Airplane

It took almost 15 hours (12 hours on the air) to reach to Bangkok from Islamabad, a little tired and also worried about what the next questioning will be on immigration desk.

I get into a line in front of immigration counter, the officer just stamping the passport one by one of all foreigners without looking at anyone. I make myself relax and forward my passport to the counter. As he sees green passport, first time he looked up and stare at me. Then he talked something with his fellow, I just hear the word Pakistani.

bkk-airport-signs-600x398-3875275A view of Bangkok Airport.bangkok-airport-600x450-9892657One woman came from third desk, take my passport and ask me to come on the side please. I go on side the previous people again start stamping the passports. And then she starts questioning same as I expected. Even she has seen my visa, its tourist visa, return ticket and also check my hotel booking, but still asking me, What purpose you come for? How long you will stay, where you will stay. After all, she stamped my passport and my 16 hours flight tiredness suddenly remain half.

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bangkok-airport-taxi-600x423-6086400I took my luggage, change currency from USD to THB and start searching Taxi stand. There was a very long line in front of Taxi booth, I took my ticket and search the taxi number. It’s hard to make understand the address to the taxi driver. After he understands he repeating the hotel name again and again and laughing, a bit strange for me, but OK, I enjoy the view of Bangkok city, its evening time and city looking really beautiful.bangkok-sunset-evening-600x400-4342749

I will write in the next article about my experience in Bangkok city, the first ever city I visited abroad.         thailand-600x338-7907498