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By | 11.06.2019

A small town in the Jukkasjarvi, 200 km on the north side of the Arctic Circle, houses the beautiful iconic art hotel, known as the Ice Hotel. The entire hotel is unbelievably made up of ice, which makes it stand apart in a unique and exotic way.

About Ice Hotel, Sweden

ice-hotel-sweden-aurora-northern-lights-600x399-8555747In the year 1989, some people were attending the ice and snow sculpture art course in the small village of Jukkasjarvi. A snow house was being created as the venue for the art course. There were more students and scarce accommodation facilities. The people were then accommodated in the snow house with sleeping bags and toilet trip management. This is how the ice hotel came into being.
ice-hotel-600x400-6087997 The builders and the artists all worked hard with the enormous sized ice blocks and at the end, with lots of cutting, chopping, and sculpting, developed the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Visiting Guide Of Ice Hotel, Sweden

dragon-ice-hotel-600x400-7196389This hotel melts down in the season of spring and is reshaped in every winter season. The work upon the Ice Hotel Sweden starts in the month of October. The ice used for its reconstruction is usually gathered in the previous winter month.
ice-hotels-aurora-museum-bar-600x450-5175970The ice hotel welcomes the visitors every December and then it remains open until the melting starts- mostly in the month of April. You can visit this place twice a day along with a guide as per your desire. Visiting fee is about 325 SEK for each person.

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How to Reach to Ice Hotel

unique-ice-hotel-in-sweden-600x323-1587616If you want to reach the place, cheaply, then your initial target must be Kiruna. It is located about 17km away on the west side of the Ice hotel. • If you prefer a pricey and luxurious ride, then take the daily flight from the Stockholm to the Kiruna airport. Different flights operate on this route, so you might be able to find a cheaper seat in the plane. • You can also take a train ride to the hotel. Although, the whole ride is slow but it provides a scenic view of the place. The train ride takes about 16 hours to reach the place. The whole experience is comfortable and warm and can provide much value to you if you book your seats on the train earlier. • You can also book a plane and train combo if you can afford higher fares.

ice-hotel-church-jukkasjc3a4rvi-600x398-5574310There is also a small church inside the ice hotel.

ice-hotel-sweden-bedroom-600x375-4436224The Ice Hotel bedrooms are also fully made from ice, just the mattresses are not. Imagine spending a night inside the ice.