Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge – Traveler Corner

By | 29.11.2019

Looking at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you realize that sometimes human talent can be as perfect as Mother Nature is. Unsurpassed beauty and the icon of San Francisco is the favorite sight of American filmmakers, as most of all the Golden Gate Bridge is featured in films.
golden-gate-bridgeThis engineering masterpiece connects San Francisco to Marin country across Golden Gate Strait. Designed by Joseph Strauss, it took four years and 35 million dollars to complete the working process. At that time spanning Golden Gate Strait was considered impossible, however talent and hard work won in the end.
golden-gate-bridge-traffic-600x400-1844238 The Golden Gate bridge is not only a real work of art, it also played a significant role in the economy of the city, as before it built the only way to get to the North Bay from the city was by ferry, that was the reason San Francisco’s growth was less than average.
golden-gate-600x400-2676745At the time of its inauguration in 1937, the Golden Gate was the longest and the tallest bridge in the world and though later the record was broken. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Before officially opening, 18,000 people crossed it at the same time, only after that cars were allowed to cross.
golden-gate-bridge-view-from-above-600x398-3705242Being one of the most popular sites in the U.S., this emblematic bridge amazes with its beauty and dimensions. It is 2737 meters long with two magnificent towers of 250 meters tall, 20 meters, of which are below the sea level. The Art Deco design of these enormous towers and Orange-red color makes it a real architectural gem. Orange color, which is known as international orange, was suggested by engineer Irving Morrow, as according to him it was more attractive than standard gray, besides it provided visibility for passing ships.
golden-gate-bridge-san-francisco-600x399-5873307You can see Golden Gate Bridge from myriad places in San Francisco, but nothing can be compared to the experience of crossing the bridge on foot. You will admire stunning views of the Pacific Ocean on one side, and San Francisco Bay on the other.
sony-dscRiding a bicycle to get to the other side of the bridge is also popular, besides you can cross it by car or by bus.
golden-gate-bridge-at-night-600x375-7357796The lighting on Golden Gate bridge make it more stunning at night. You may go at night and enjoy the view as shown in pics.golden-gate-bridge-side-view-600x386-8316562
golden-gate-bridge-facts-600x400-8397267You may cross The Golden Gate bridge by car, but usually the traffic is high, so sometime it’s can take even more time than you go on walk.
golden-gate-bridge-fog-600x365-2719273Amazing view of Golden Gate bridge, almost half hidden inside fog, you can view the fog around the bridge usually in early morning.

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