Bear Glacier Provincial Park Stewart BC, Canada – Traveler Corner

By | 12.08.2020

Bear Glacier Provincial Park is on Highway 37A, British Columbia, Canada, almost halfway between the Meziadin Junction and Stewart. Bear Glacier Provincial Park is not much old, its established in 2000 and since than it’s popularity increase when the glacier is featured in a movie name “Insomnia”.

List of Must-Visit Attraction & Must-Do Activities at the Bear Glacier Provincial Parkbear-glacier-stewart-bc-600x450-5198653

Explore the seas with the Haida Style Expeditions at Ave Skid gate when you embark on the journey towards the Bear Glacier Provincial Park. Go hiking at the Cariboo, Skeena, and Peace regions.
Go canoeing with your friends and families, or just enjoy a horse ride and experience the countryside. Go water-skiing or attend winter activities. Take your dog on a walk and climb the heights! Experience windsurfing and go scuba diving!
svan-in-front-of-bear-glacier-600x417-2599692Camping here is a great choice and a great opportunity to connect with nature. Finally, one must always bring a camera along to take pictures of this magnificent piece of natural art.

Restaurants at Bear Glacier

You can visit the Toastworks Museum and savor the best breakfast, accompanied with friendly waiters and staffs. Enjoy a delightful meal at the Dash Bistro, Bitter Creek Cafe, and the Ripley Creek Inn Café, while you’re at Bear Glacier. ripley-creek-inn-cafc3a9-600x399-2296960
You can also experience freshwater fishing at the lakes at different regions, such as the Spider Lake and the Spectacle Lake.

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Where to Stay at Bear Glacier Provincial Park

While there, you can stay at The Salmon Glacier. The hotel provides a queen size bed or a double bed, private or shared bathroom, TV, fireplace, radio and alarm clock, free high-speed internet access (free WiFi), bathrobes, washer, dryer, cable TV, heating, toiletries, and free parking. The hotel is located close to the downtown area, Stewart Museum, and other fascinating restaurants (a very strategic place to stay!).
It serves continental breakfast and noon teas, and it also provides guest lounges or living-room areas. The guests can enjoy fishing, bear watching, skiing, boating, snowmobiling, and hiking. Another special thing about this hotel is the fact that it allows pets to stay with guests.

Preparation and what to Bring

When visiting, bring flashlights and fire-making kits in case of emergencies. Also, bring signaling devices, essential food and sources of water, extra clothing, communication devices, and pocket knives. Bring sunglasses, sunscreens, hats, and emergency blankets. In addition, you must always prepare a first aid kit.bear-glacier-jf-bergeron-600x400-6776416