Are You a Traveler or a Tourist ? – Traveler Corner

By | 14.08.2020

There is a big difference between a traveler and a tourist. A tourist will always go for more popular places, planning a lot, stay in hotels and resorts, while a traveler don’t care this at all. A traveler will go to every possible place, stay any where just to spend night, not afraid to use public transport and eat local food.

Holidify did a great work to make the illustration below, its will make you easy to understand the difference between a traveler and tourist.

7 Signs that you are a Traveler not tourist.

1.You understand the local currency and not always just converting the money into dollars.

2. You know how to say “hello/goodbye and thank you” in many a language.


3. How to do packing, you know it well


4. You remember the cities name by their airport codes.


5. Maps are your true companion and you keep it everywhere with yourself.


6. You will never caught taking picture like this.

Or This.


7. You are aware and always ready for such situation.


7 Secrets to become a traveler and travel like locals

  • Make a local friend.
  • Stay in a house over a hotel
  • Take public transportation.
  • Learn some local customs and a few key phrases.
  • Eat Local food
  • Go during the low season when there aren’t that many tourists.
  • Be willing to wander

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