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By | 27.09.2020

Arc De Triomphe is an iconic monument is Paris. It is the biggest gate in the world history. The gate was built to pay a tribute to Napoleon Triumphal – he won the war with Austria in Austerlitz war – that located in the center of Place Charles de Gaulle roundabout.

arc-de-triomphe-france-600x386-7926439The Arc De Triomphe is built and designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806. The style itself was inspired by the Arc of Titus in Rome. The monument size is 45 x 22 x 50 meters. It has 4 main statues, 2 on the front of the gate and the other 2 on the back. All of them represent the Napoleon’s wars.
arc-de-triomphe-statues-600x405-3093606 One of the famous statues is the “Departure of the Volunteers of 1792” or “La Marseillaise”. Besides those 4 statues, the gates also decorated with some reliefs that tell the story of crucial moments in France revolution.
arc-de-triomphe-inside-600x450-5908489On Arc De Triomphe, it is written, 30 names who involved in Napoleon big wars that located on the upper side of the gate and under the arc, it lays a tomb of the “unknown soldier” of the World War I.
arc-de-triomphe-unknown-soldier-600x339-2422211The corpse is located on the Arc De Triomphe during Armistice Day in 1920. There is an inscription written on the tomb “ICI REPOSE UN SOLDAT FRANÇAIS MORT POUR LA PATRIE 1914–1918 (“Here lies a French soldier who died for the fatherland 1914–1918”).
Moreover, on the Arc De Triomphe, there is “eternal flame” that will be lit up to pay a tribute to the unidentified soldiers who died during the World War I and II. The “eternal flame” initially was lit up in Western and Eastern Europe.
interior-arc-de-triomphe-paris-france-3648756Visitors can go see a small museum by using lift that displays a miniature of Arc De Triomphe and the history itself from the gate was built. Then, tourists can go to the top of Arc De Triomphe through 46 stairs inside the gate. From the top, you will see the beautiful panorama of Paris city.
arc-de-triomphe-evening-view-600x443-7884122Arc De Triomphe is one of the famous monuments built in Pairs and every year millions of tourists visit this place.arc-de-triomphe-front-600x386-7517171
arc-de-triomphe-night-lighting-600x386-5076343The view of the Arc De Triomphe more artistic at night time with lighting.


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