Visit Zurich The Largest City in Switzerland – Traveler Corner

By | 20.05.2016


Switzerland is said to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Crowned as the heaven on Earth, it is a necklace of different locations pearled together to make it attractive enough for the tourists. One of the shining pearls in the necklace of Switzerland is Zurich.

About Zurich:

The largest city in Switzerland, located at the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich. It is popular for being a hub for roads, airways and railways.

Zurich airport is said to be the busiest in the country, thanks to all those tourists who keep dropping in the city.

Did you know?

Zurich has its roots existing right from the second century, which is quite surprising. There is a lengthy history attached to the full-grown branches of this city.

Zurich is also a prime location for all the aspiring artists in the world. Several painters are seen with their boards, improving their skills by brushing down the landscapes in this location.

Star attraction of the place:

The Limmat River is said to be the most beautiful attraction of Zurich. Travel to this lake on a boat and you would witness beautiful row houses on both the sides along with the sheet of the pale blue sky covering your head. If it drizzles, consider yourself in bliss!

Top three reasons the visit the place:

• Zurich is historically very rich and if you are interested in historical monuments, there is no other place better than this one for you. • The city is known for the warm hearted people. No matter where you go, people would always welcome you with broad smiles on their face and would greet you on the streets.

• There are different lakes in this location that are quite prominent for their scenic views. Take your best camera to click a few pictures of such locations; who knows, you might win the next photography competition!