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By | 14.08.2020

The story of Terracotta Army related with the famous Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.  This emperor ruled the china in 221-207 B.C. Among the many massive building he ordered during his reign one was the earliest version of China’s Great Wall.

Beside of all his projects the most memorable project was a massive mausoleum complex. This complex guarded by more than 6,000 life-size Terra Cotta soldiers. The emperor Qin build this army around his tomb and he think that this army will protect him after death.terracotta-army-soldiers-600x285-7139131 terracotta-army-600x418-5143611 terracotta-warriors-600x375-6495302

Rather than reading and searching all the history, we conclude some interesting facts about Terracotta Army here.

  1. Terracotta Army was build in 210 B.C. around 2200 years ago by a Chinese emperor.
  2. There are total 6000 army soldiers, make it the largest burial complex in the world.
  3. 700,000 workers worked for nearly three decades on the mausoleum.
  4. Every soldiers face is different from other, revealing a high level of craftsmanship and artistry.
  5. Terracotta Army remain hidden from the world for more than 2200 years after the emperor death.
  6. The Terracotta Army was discovered on 29 March 1974 by farmers digging a water well.
  7. There are also horses, weapons and chariots beside the only men statues. Their weapons are still in good condition even after more than 2200 years later.terracotta-army-weapons-600x200-1029900
    terracotta-army-horses-600x465-7406138Any historical lover will attract to the place after read all these facts, but for all other travelers please don’t expect as much high from the place. There is nothing adventure for you in there, but just an indoor museums with too many statues. But for history lovers like me, this place will be like heaven. Here i will mention how you can get there.

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How to Go There

You may stay in Xian a large city and capital of Shaanxi Province. To come to Xian you need to take a 2-hour flight or an overnight train ride from Beijing. For going to Terracotta army its recommended that you take the tourists bus. The bus will take around one hour to reach to the destination. You don’t need to buy ticket in advance but pay to the conductor inside the bus. Here is the detail of the bus.

Basic Information on the Bus Bus Line: Tourism Bus 5 (306) Price : RMB 7 per person First Bus: 07:00; Last Bus 19:00 Line Length: 42 Km Drive Time: 0ne Hour Bus Stops: Totally 12 stop on route Stop No.01: Xian Railway Station

Stop No 12: Terracotta Army

Any other form of transportation is strictly no recommended, all are just waste of time and money. specially avoid taxis and fake tourists buses.  If you can afford take a private or group tour from some reliable local travel agent.

Some travel tips before you go to terracotta army

The Terracotta Army is an indoor attraction, so you can visit it in any weather condition. Just never visit it on Chinese holidays as its will be over crowded.olympus-digital-camera-9The entry ticket is 90 Yuan around, some time in off seasons may be less. There are also many shops and restaurants in there, i will recommend that don’t buy any thing from these shops as the prices are extra high. You may buy gifts from Xian city market. The restaurants are just OK don’t expect quality of food in there.warrior-figures-4834098Don’t trust on the people in there who are selling some books or other material related with the Terracotta army, that all are fake. You may buy something may be for hang it in your living room to proof that you ever visit  Terracotta army, but don’t be over price as that’s all are fake.terracotta-army-faces-600x399-5422927
Overall if you go to china than this place worth a visit, if there is anything missing in here i request to the travelers they may contribute or correct the information provided in here. Leave a comment or give us an email, we will back to you.