January 2016 – Traveler Corner

By | 11.01.2016


Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, it is a small island in the Caribbean and unincorporated U.S. territory. This small island is full with high quality resorts, bars, and hotels. The basic currency is USD and local people can speak English and Spanish. Continue reading “Puerto Rico Tourists Guide, Get Most Of Your Trip”

As other south east Asian countries Indonesian foods also based on rice and fish. As a Pakistani traveler I am always conscious of foods taste, we believe that our foods are the only best in the world with its strongest taste. But Indonesian foods change my mind. I live in Thailand and Malaysia, people love Thai foods but any Indian Pakistani traveler will search for Indian, Pakistani restaurant in there. As the taste of their foods not suit with our tongue. Continue reading “Taste Of Indonesian Foods, Best Foods In Indonesia”

The story of Terracotta Army related with the famous Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.  This emperor ruled the china in 221-207 B.C. Among the many massive building he ordered during his reign one was the earliest version of China’s Great Wall. Continue reading “What is Terracotta Army & How to Go There”

Maldives is a small country located in Indian Ocean. Male is the capital of the country. The country is located near with Sri Lanka and India. Maldives is the most popular destination among travelers as well as the celebrities. When we think about Maldives the only thing will come in mind is the white sand beaches and luxury in water cottages. Continue reading “Maldives The Country Of Beaches”