Traveler Corner – Fun Way To Visit New Destinations

By | 16.07.2016


Among Italian fantastic cities Vatican, the city of faith and magnificent culture, is the one that can’t be missed. It amazes you with ancient architectural marvels and museums, and most importantly, it is the center of Roman Catholic Church and the residence of the Pope. Continue reading Inspiring Vatican City, The Home Of Pope


Sharm El Sheikh is a major Egyptian city and tourist destination located at the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea. There is a huge seashore line which makes the city an attractive place to visit. Continue reading Sharm El Sheikh A Tourist City In Egypt


If you wish to make your holiday a memorable one and want to be at your second home, then Mardan Palace is the best one to pick from. The adornment of the hotel comes from the Ottoman Empire, and makes the visitors feel like Sultans with their awesome service. Continue reading The Mardan Palace a Man Made Heaven on Earth

During winter there are always have a lot of exciting things to do in the USA. If you are planning to travel to New York Central Park, there are numerous activities to suit everybody. Continue reading Explore The Central Park of New York


If you had a wedding recently or planning to tie a knot soon and looking for a place to go on your honeymoon then you should definitely consider Caribbean Islands. These islands are considered among one of the most exotic places in the world with beautiful scenery, great weather and striking beaches. Continue reading Plan a Trip to Caribbean Islands


The largest hot desert in the world, the Sahara Desert is situated in the northern portion of Africa. It covers more than 10% area of the continent. Continue reading Sahara Desert Facts And Tours


Death Valley National Park, which is situated on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the southern Inyo County in California, is among the most arid National Parks in US. A small region of the mountain range extends into the southwestern and southern counties of Nevada. Continue reading Death Valley National Park The Desert Of California


If you are planning a Las Vegas vacation, then you’re not alone. Every day, lots of tourists pour into a Las Vegas strip for entertainment, shopping and gambling. For the daring, there are also both indoor and outdoor skydiving lessons for learners.
Continue reading Plan A Las Vegas Vacation


If you love to go to the beach and loves to have a tan skin, then there is a special beach for you in Rio, Brazil, The Ipanema Beach, where you can enjoy life to the fullest. The place is packed with lots of beautiful scenery, especially the beach, with blue clear water, soft white sand, fresh air and the Sun that kisses your skin. Continue reading Have Some Fun At Ipanema Beach, Brazil


If you are someone who loves both, the amazing lights at nights and a peaceful environment in the morning, then Beijing is surely the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you visit each and every tourist attraction in this place or not; all that matters is that you lay your feet on the streets of this place and feel its vibes all around your body. The aura of this city is way too different than the other locations around the globe. Continue reading Beijing: Fall in Love With The Beauty of China!