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Sand Dunes, Death Valley – California – Traveler Corner

The Sand Dune, Death Valley is one hell of a breathtaking retreat for the nature lovers. With scintillating sand dunes, water-etched gorges, the desert rocks, wiped out volcanic cavities, palm-shaded desert gardens and a lot of endemic untamed life. It is the sultriest and driest place in America, with summer temperatures topping above 120 F°/49°C.… Read More »

Bear Glacier Provincial Park Stewart BC, Canada – Traveler Corner

Bear Glacier Provincial Park is on Highway 37A, British Columbia, Canada, almost halfway between the Meziadin Junction and Stewart. Bear Glacier Provincial Park is not much old, its established in 2000 and since than it’s popularity increase when the glacier is featured in a movie name “Insomnia”. List of Must-Visit Attraction & Must-Do Activities at… Read More »