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The Great Wall of China, Explore The Wonder Of The World

The Great Wall of China is the most iconic places in China. It is the pride of China as well. It was built along the highlands, the length is about 10,000 kilometers. Because of its length, there are some rumors that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon. The Great Wall of China… Read More »

5 Places Must Visit At Kathmandu City, Nepal – Traveler Corner

The country of Nepal is full of wonderful places to spend vacations. Most people think and visit Nepal because of Mount Everest, but Nepal has much more to offer. When you are visiting Nepal you are most likely to tour the city of Kathmandu which is called the “The Gateway of Nepal”. There is much… Read More »

Mount Everest The Top Of The World – Traveler Corner

Now this is what I call being on “top of the world!” Sometimes, nature is what we’ve all got in the end. No matter how many skyscrapers you see in your city, you get attracted to the little trees that surround them. Nature is beautiful because it is you and you are part of it.… Read More »