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Luxury Resorts Archives – Traveler Corner

With a portion of the best jumping and snorkeling on the planet, the unmistakable waters of the Maldives can pull anybody with an enthusiasm… If your ideal destination for vacation is a beautiful beach with the soothing sound of seawater, then Paradise Island is the perfect place for…

Latin America Archives – Traveler Corner

Punta Cana is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Dominican Republic, if not the entire Caribbean. The area has multiple hotels… Machu Picchu (literally translated as “old peak”) is an Inca citadel from the 15th century. This “Wonder of the World” is located approximately 8,000… If you wish to spend your vacation… Read More »

Venice Archives – Traveler Corner

Venice is the capital of both the province of Venezia and the region of Veneto. It is known for being an “island city”, and… Honeymoon is the most special time for all couples when they are planning to start a new life happily. Every couple wants their honeymoon…

Germany Archives – Traveler Corner

Berlin is far too big a city to enjoy in 48 hours, but it’s all I have to enjoy the German capital. My first… Looking on my bookshelf until I spot the label Europe 2014; the tape is rolling inward at the edges as I realize how long… If you plan to visit Munich, Germany… Read More »

Corner, Author at Traveler Corner

Hawaii is a popular place for people to go on their vacations. Everyone loves to spend their vacations on white sand beaches, under the… Bulgaria is a small yet beautiful country in Europe. The country is rich in culture and beauty and in recent years it has emerged… Honeymoon is the most special time for… Read More »