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By | 28.09.2020

Starting with the history of its name, Budapest, Hungary, proves to be a land of many discoveries and a place where travelers will feel compelled to return to in the future. budapest-motivi-spettacolo-architettonico-600x400-7294011Budapest is known for its unforgettable energy; the way that the city appeals in its beautiful architecture, the complexity of language, and its youthful, and confused personality. There’s a reason why many of the people who have visited Budapest will tell you, endlessly, of its fascinating history, and the enchanting charisma.

History of Budapest

budapest-hungarian-parliament-600x338-7428628 Budapest was not always just Budapest; in the years before 1872, the city was a distinct in three: Pest, Buda, and Obuda, and are separated by the Danube river. The three were combined in order to create a city that was fit to be the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
budapest-hungary-image-600x344-3836275In perspective, the capital has only been alive for 144 years; this can be felt in the ways that the city has yet to find one rhythm, one beat, and one personality. Personally, I hope that the capital never finds its grounding; there is something magnificent in the way that Budapest has yet to combine its three old cities into one and create synchronicity.

Getting Around in Budapest

budapest-city-600x338-3606510strong>Budapest beauty can be felt, and seen, with a simple walk around the city center. However, since the capital was once three different cities, a simple walk may take more than a day to actually accomplish.
budapest-metro-map-600x558-4942271The Budapest Metro System is an efficient tool that travelers, and locals, use to get around the city in a fast, but fulfilling way. The three main lines of the system, M1, M2, and M3, meet in the city center at Deák tér station. Riders should use the M1, or yellow line, in order to see the city center, and M2, the red line, to see sights, such as the spectacular Parliament building.
budapest-hungary-parliament-at-nightThe heart of the Budapest city center is more commonly known as District V, or Grand Boulevard, and can be seen mostly by foot. Most of the public transport, and tourism sights are located here.

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Budapest Top Attractions

st-stephene28099s-basilica-600x450-1932947Visitors should be eager to see sights such as the St Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Hungary, and the Castle Hill in Buda.
buda-castle-hill-budapest-600x398-4440607Buda Castle Hill is known for its inclusion of historic sights, like the Royal Palace, Mathias Church and the Holy Trinity Square. Not only will visitors be blown away by the beautiful attractions, but they will lose their breath when they stand face to face with the panorama of the Chain Bridge and the Pest side of the city on the other side of the Danube river.
budapest-labyrinth-600x382-7251289One of my personal favorite pieces of the Buda Castle was the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth gives its customers, 2,000 HUF for adults, and 600 for children, a chance to behold medieval architecture of the underground palace of King Sigismund of Luxembourg and King Matthias dates back to 1411.
labyrinth-budapest-4939316The Labyrinth also holds nighttime lantern self- tours that allow visitors to walk through the underground caves if they can face their fears of the dark, and ghosts.

The caves have been reported to show signs of supernatural spirits, such as temperature drops and natural fog. I remember walking through the caves and feeling the air go from room temperature to a frigid chill, and being surrounded by an unexplained fog. The intense fear only added to the surreal experience so don’t let your fears hold you back!
buda-castle-600x375-7491687 If you find yourself feeling drawn to explore Buda Castle, start your adventure on the northern gate side of the District. Here, is where all four roads of the Hill meet. This point is known as Vienna Gate Square, or old-town. The Square is lined with the most beautiful, and historic houses, a Saturday market, and the National Archives building.
budapest-600x338-9905408We hope that you enjoyed learning the surface information on Budapest, Hungary.To learn more, purchase that plane ticket and never regret your decision of doing so!

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