6 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the USA – Traveler Corner

By | 04.02.2020

Where to travel seems to be on the top list of everybody planning a summer vacation. Whether you love the fanciest resorts or the beach, there are many options for you to have a great summer vacation.

Beaches in Florida

florida-beaches-600x450-7032241Beach-oriented holiday goers will probably love the beaches found in Florida. St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, and many others will be ideal choices for those in search of the best summer beach destinations. Miami Beach is a perfect beach destination for couples in Summer Vacation, though not advisable for teenagers.

Venice and Malibu beaches

venice-beach-california-600x397-4185063 On the west coast, Venice and Malibu beaches seem to attract tourists. However, bear in mind that Venice beach is somewhat different at night and the majority of people do not find Venice beach as the best place to be when the sun sets.

Dude ranches, Colorado

dude-ranches-5987912If you’re looking for a different destination during summer, you can opt for the dude ranches in Colorado. These vacations offer the best in terms of vacation fun. Horseback riding and lots of other opportunities await those who would like to explore great outdoors.

The Greenbrier Resort, Virginia

the-greenbrier-resort-600x300-9680241The Greenbrier Resort in Virginia offers vacationers the opportunity to explore a luxurious resort. The resort is among the oldest resorts in the USA and it has been the resort that many famous leaders and Presidents chose to frequent some time ago.

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The Grove Park Inn, North Carolina

the-grove-park-inn-600x338-5614139The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina is one of the most deluxe resorts. Located near Biltmore House, the Grove Park Inn perfectly defines luxury and offers tourists the opportunity to breathe in the cool and fresh mountain air, as you stay in the most luxurious and comfortable accommodations in the Western North Carolina.

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee

pigeon-forge-and-gatlinburg-600x337-7999762Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee offers wonderful vacation opportunities for those who love water parks, theme parks and a lot of shopping spots. The mountains are a perfect getaway and with Dollywood amusement park and other regions of attractions, vacationing during summer is quite easy and affordable for everybody.