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Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge – Traveler Corner

Looking at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you realize that sometimes human talent can be as perfect as Mother Nature is. Unsurpassed beauty and the icon of San Francisco is the favorite sight of American filmmakers, as most of all the Golden Gate Bridge is featured in films. This engineering masterpiece connects San Francisco… Read More »

Must Visit Places At Edirne, Turkey – Traveler Corner

Edirne is a popular tourist city in Turkey. It is located in Eastern Thrace, which is in northwest of Turkey. If you ever go to Edirne then there are a number of places you can visit. Some of these places are described in here. Edirne Selimiye Camii Selimiye Camii is a mosque designed by the… Read More »

Sharm El Sheikh A Tourist City In Egypt – Traveler Corner

Sharm El Sheikh is a major Egyptian city and tourist destination located at the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea. There is a huge seashore line which makes the city an attractive place to visit. The warm water of Red Sea also enhances the attractiveness of this international tourist destination. This… Read More »