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5 Places Must Visit At Kathmandu City, Nepal – Traveler Corner

The country of Nepal is full of wonderful places to spend vacations. Most people think and visit Nepal because of Mount Everest, but Nepal has much more to offer. When you are visiting Nepal you are most likely to tour the city of Kathmandu which is called the “The Gateway of Nepal”. There is much… Read More »

Where to Stay at Jakarta, Indonesia – Traveler Corner

We are start sharing a series of post about where to Stay at Indonesia and here is our first city Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. We will continuously update and adding here the best places to stay. Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta As an Indonesia capital city, for sure, Jakarta has many great hotels. However, Mandarin Oriental … Read More »

Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu – Traveler Corner

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, deep down inside we all are spiritual. If you ask me what spirituality is, it is nothing but a feeling of being closer to your own self. Close your eyes and try to talk to yourself; if you get your questions answered, you know what… Read More »

My First Trip Abroad, Thailand – Traveler Corner

Thailand is my first destination ever I visit abroad. Being a Pakistani its always difficult to get a visit visa for any country, especially when you have just completed your education and don’t have enough income source. Well, that’s not the foreign embassies who treating our people in such way, but the problem is the… Read More »