Maui in Hawaii is an outdoor paradise with dozens of great activities available. Great wind and waves make the north shore of Maui a great destination for first-rate water sports, including windsurfing, kite boarding and surfing.
 woman snorkeling in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.Eco adventures at the Hana rain forest and Haleakala National Park make Hawaiian the island of Maui. From outstanding resorts to waterfall hikes, and snorkeling tours to whale watching, Maui has it all.
Maui Res Andaz Beach

You will find Whaler’s Village Shops and Restaurants in Ka’anapali. This is home to a great museum that narrates the history of the Lahaina’s whaling age from around 1825 to1860. Inside there is a large collection of artifacts, harpoons, sea chests, tools, ship’s logs and sailor’s journals as well as a large display of modern and antique scrimshaw art and a scale model of the whaling ship.
whale watching mauiFreshly renovated, a theater features frequently playing ocean-themed and whale movies. Movies involves following whales as they move from Alaska to Hawaiian Islands, including incredible footage from birth to adulthood.
maui whale watchWatch Whales during winter. Boat-tour companies usually make several trips to watch whales that make their yearly migration from mid-December to mid-April. If you are lucky to visit Maui, Hawaii during these months, take a tour to the great humpback whales in the sea; Maui whale watching at its very finest. Additionally, boat crews would want you to spot as many as you can, and the specialists on board will move the boat to put you in the best position to snap perfect photos of the impressive animals as they actually crest the water. Maui Princess, that’s from Lahaina Harbor, obviously guarantees whale sighting, or you can also try on some other day for free. Again, the ship has a sunken Whale Cam.
humpback breach mauiHumpback Whales return to Hawaii during fall and to Alaska in late May. When you organize a Hawaii travel during such period, you should have no worries differentiating whales. Interestingly, the best months for Hawaii whale watching is in February and March. If you have not yet decided the best time to take a trip, target this season.
whale watching boat maui hawaiiA lot of people have been at this place sighting whales for centuries; thus, making it a favorite spot for whale watchers. With the New England Aquarium and the nearby Columbus Waterfront Park it is an ideal place for the perfect whale watching experience.westin maui resort
Humpback Whale Jumping Out Of The Water
Maui Whale Watching tour
Maui whale
whale watch maui hawaii
Whale Watching tour at maui

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