Hawaii is a popular place for people to go on their vacations. Everyone loves to spend their vacations on white sand beaches, under the shade of palm trees and swimming in clear blue waters. Most people wish to avoid the crowded beaches in Hawaii and find a relaxing place, where they can soak in sun and have fun with friends and family. One such place is the Kailua Beach.

Kailua Beach (7)It is located on the Windward Coast about 30 minutes from Waikiki and covers an area of about half a mile. The Kailua Beach Park is a local favorite.

Kailua Beach, Kailua Hawaii

Kailua Beach offers a lot of opportunities to people to take part in exciting water sports. You can enjoy windsurfing, swimming and other sports. You can even ride body boards, kayak and parasails.

kayaking in kailuaThere are even kayak rental shops and boutiques near the beach. The island is also very close to several other small islands, so a lot of people enjoy kayaking and adventuring.

Lanikai beachKalama Beach is located to the west of the Kailua and is a perfect spot for a picnic with family. There is another beach to the east called the Lanikai beach which is not easily accessible, but it is quite beautiful as well. Towards the east there are also the Mokulua Islands which are called the “Moks” and “Twin Islands”. But the island closest to Kailua Beach is the Flat Island.

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Kailua Beach (8)If you are planning to go to Hawaii, then you should also plan a visit to the Kailua Beach. There is much to do and see in here. To get to the beach, you would pass through the Kailua Town. There are several restaurants and shops along the Kailua Road, so you can also enjoy shopping and eating local delicious recipes at restaurants.Kailua BeachKailua Beach is also a perfect location to plan a picnic with friends and family. You can pack up food and spend a day having fun in here. Kailua Beach is not as crowded as others and if you want to spend some good time on a beautiful beach, then this is the place for you to go.Kailua Beach (5)

Kailua Beach (2)

Kailua Beach (3)

The Way going to Lanikai Beach The way going Lanikai Beach, it is also a beautiful nearby place you may visit.