Located at the southern tip of the Manhattan island, Battery Park is a 25 acre public park. It is so called Battery Park, because it’s constructed in the same area where artillery batteries were placed to protect the city in early days of settlement.

Battery Park (1)The park face towards the New York City Harbor and that’s what made it a strategic place to visit. The Battery Park is as much of a historical place as it’s a public park. If you are visiting New York City for the first time then the best place to accustom yourself to the history and traditions of the city is the Battery Park.

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While Central Park is undoubtedly the most famous park in New York, the Battery Park is also a popular tourist spot. On average it gets over 7 million visitors per year. At one end of the park is the Castle Clinton which is one of the last remnants of glory days when the park area was used by the army.

Battery Park (3)There is also a huge restaurant called Battery Garden Restaurant where you can revel in delicious foods. You can also find many other food courts and vendors in the area.

The US Coastal Guard Battery Building is located in the premises of the park as well. You can also find East Coast Memorial which pays tribute to all the soldiers who died in coastal waters during World War II.

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Battery Park (6)If you ever pay the Battery Park a visit don’t forget to take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Park. The park has a wide area where sometimes concerts and other events are held as well. You can also enjoy a picnic with loved ones in the rolling hills and beautiful lawns. You can pay a visit to Hope Garden as well which was built as a memorial for AIDS victims.

D13DHW The Sphere Sculture in Battary ParkIf you are there on New Year’s Eve then don’t forget to watch the magnificent display of fireworks at the Grand Army Plaza inside the battery park. If you are in New York then you must take out a day to spend in this beautiful park and enjoy all of its attractions.
Battery Park (1)There are many seats available in Battery Park to sit relax and enjoy the sea waves.
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Battery Park (8) Battery park also have walking tracks for tourists.

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