If your ideal destination for vacation is a beautiful beach with the soothing sound of seawater, then Paradise Island is the perfect place for you. Located in the Bahamas, Paradise Island is a major tourist attraction site. It is best known for its resort Atlantis, which provides extensive water park rides, pools, restaurants, walk-in aquarium, beach and all that a tourist can ask for.
atlantis paradise island beachMany tourists also visit the island just for enjoying with family on this island and the amazing resort. The Atlantis resort was built in 1998 by the Kerzner International Limited. Soon the Royal Towers were built. Since then, it has been attracting tourists from all over the world and none leaves disappointed. The resort now has a 600-suite luxury hotel “The Cove Atlantis” and a 497-roomed tower, “The Reef Atlantis”.
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At night, the Royal Tower light up and the beautiful lights increase the beauty a thousand-fold. The Royal Towers are famous for “The Bridge Suite” which has been ranked as the most expensive hotel room in the world. However, its location and the accommodations make it totally worth the money.
Paradise Island BhamasOther notable places to stay include The Reef, The Coral Towers, The Beach Towers, Harbor side Resort and the Cove Atlantis.
paradise island atlantisA bridge has been built from Nassau to the island for easy transport of tourists. There used to be an airport “The Paradise Island Airport” as well, however, it was closed in about 1999.
paradise islandIt is interesting to know that many films have also been shot on the island like the movies “After the Sunset” and Mary-Kate and Ashley film “Holiday in the Sun”. Some scenes from the famous James Bond movies “Thunder ball” and “Casino Royal” have been shot on the island and the island was also featured in the Beatles’ film “Help!”
resort paradise IslandThus, the beauty of the island and of the resort Atlantis has always attracted tourists and even filmmakers. It is certainly a marvelous place to spend the vacations with your family and friends with entertainment options and accommodations for people of all ages.

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paradise island poolYou may visit the Atlantis Bahamas official website to get more information.

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