The best time to visit Niagara falls is in June. You can go by air: Airport and airlines to this unique tourist spot are available. Or, you can enjoy a railway ride.
Falls Niagara Make use of the rail services from Niagara Falls Train Station. In addition, you can also experience a leisure biking session to go there.

Attraction & Activities at Niagara Falls:

niagara falls attractions

Never miss the chance to visit Horseshoe Falls! Take pictures of this astounding waterfall with your friends and families. Experience the natural elements at Niagara Glen Nature Reserve or fulfill your artistic side by visiting the IMAX Theater or gawking at the Daredevil Gallery. Experience the historical sight at the Queens ton Heights Park and visit the Floral Show house. Join sightseeing tours, grand helicopter tours, and boat rides.
maid of the mist boat Niagara FallsYou can also attend the Greg Frewin Imagine Magic Show and experience the art of mysterious illusions. Join a scenic whirlpool Aero car, or join the Maid of the Mist cruise, Kayak across the Niagara River and spend the rest of the day at the Bird Kingdom.
Niagara Falls at nightYou can visit the botanical gardens, the butterfly conservatory, the Skylon tower, the Konica Minolta tower, the religious Ten Thousand Buddhas Sarira Stupa, and the awe-inspiring River Brink Gallery. Also, take a break at the Guinness World of Records Museum. And the most important place to visit is the roaring, majestic, Niagara Falls!

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Where to Stay at Niagara Falls

exterior sterling inn and spaYou can stay at the Sterling Inn & Spa. This hotel features a restaurant, a fitness center, gyms and workout rooms, room service, bar and lounges, business rooms, conference facilities, spas, free high speed internet access, hot tub, and laundry services.
sterling inn and spaThe room features a choice of Jacuzzi and a shower steam unit, which can also transform into a personal steam room. It also provides a King Size bed, wet bar, a fridge, and extra-large bathrooms. The deluxe room also features a Queen Size pull out sofa. Enjoy a free breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, or you could request your breakfast to be delivered to your room, to begin your day.
Niagara Falls boat tourThe Falls freeze in winter seasons, you may the image below of Frozen Niagara falls at winter.
niagara falls frozen
niagara falls new yorkA view of the Niagara Falls from American side in New York .
niagara falls ny
Niagara Falls old imageThe stunning view of Niagara Falls in summer.
Niagara Falls wallpaper
niagara falls