During winter there are always have a lot of exciting things to do in the USA. If you are planning to travel to New York Central Park, there are numerous activities to suit everybody.
Here are some fun activities you can do in Central Park, which hosts as many visitors as 35 million every year.
central park meadow nycThere is a reason why New York Central Park gets visited so often in the U.S. There is always something to do such as boating, riding horse carriage, or riding the carousel. Hence, Central Park can never be short on entertainment. Filled with notable statues, daily free shows and a zoo, if you are visiting New York central hotels, the Central Park ought to be at the top of your list.

Skiing and Ice Skating

central park new york winter activities

Enjoy the crisp, cool winter air as you whirl round the open air ice space. This park is ideal for outdoor skiing – something you rarely get an opportunity to do in the middle of any city! The Great Lawn, Sheep Meadow and other great pastures in the park provide unmatched skiing spots once there is a snow base of about six inches, adding another activity on your must-do list.
central park at new york topNew York central Hotels are in close proximity to the central park, you will not have to go far at all.

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Central Park Walking Tour

new york central park walking toursWhat is the better way to explore the mammoth park than simply taking a walking tour? You will see all the wonderful wonders of the central park at your own pace in the company of a tour guide. Whether you are an early bird or not, that’s not important – the central park opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 1 past midnight, throughout the year, giving you sufficient time to walk around.

If you are staying at the central hotels on the outskirts of the park, they give easy access should you want to walk around any time of the day or night.
Lake in Central Park, NYCThere are a lot of things you can do in Central Park, whether you are with your family or on your own. There are shows and exhibitions throughout the year, not to forget the zoo where you are able to see penguins and lions. During winter you can as well have a glimpse of the snow leopard exhibition!
central park
Lower Central Park
new york central park winter

new york city central park
Central park stunning colorful view at autumn.

ny central park
Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 10

A beautiful Late Summer day on the Mall in Central Park, famous for the canopy of the American elm trees.
A beautiful Late Summer day on the Mall in Central Park, famous for the canopy of the American elm trees.



  1. Amen to the zoos; they are so fun! You can also bring out your inner child by taking a ride on the historic carousel or get romantic with a horse and carriage ride through the park.

    • Yeah thanks Linda for adding up, not a bad idea about historic carousel (i hope if its not broken), and carriage ride was our form of transportation, now very rare.